Topic Of Karma Reincarnation Is Of Great Interest To Many

Hinduism posits that karma reincarnation is a law of God and nature. No act is without repercussions. A kind act will be returned with a good act. An evil one will bring only evil back on those who commit it. According to Hinduism, karma follows an individual from one life to the next. If your luck is all-bad, that indicates you did something bad earlier in life or in a past existence.

For the believers, karma is contemplated as something that urges a person to do only good deeds. Just as Christianity urges passivity and goodness in its followers, Buddhism and Hinduism urges people to accept what life hands them and understand it as reward or punishment for past life actions.

Karma is absolutely true according to believers. It answers all of life’s questions. Why take any action when all of life’s happenings are pre-ordained. No matter what you do, you are without influence on your own life.

In this sense it is a negative concept. One man, James Van Praagh, claims he is a conduit for the multitudes who have lived and died on earth. His word can be challenged. His belief cannot be proved wrong.

The Western world has a concept of reincarnation that is disconnected from its religious roots. It is connected to meditation, psychic abilities and other trendy ways to improve a person’s life. If James Van Praagh were believable, we all may as well sit back and take whatever life dishes out. There is nothing we can do to interrupt the path, good or bad, that karma determines we are to follow.

Religious concepts are rejected for good reason by many deep thinkers. Be active in life. Make things happen. Don’t be passive in your approach to life. If you want to follow someone, make sure he or she is going in a direction that will lead you towards happiness and satisfaction in this life. Those who sit and wait for happiness to find them will be sorely disappointed.

Can you solve the ongoing mystery of who you were in a past life and how many past lives you lived? Maybe not, but people continue to try. Therapists have many clients come to them for help in answering those questions. Some people make philosophy their lifelong study. Some therapists use past life regression therapy to aid in remembering possible past existences.

If you can afford the money and time, there is no harm in trying past life regression therapy sessions. Try others as well if that doesn’t work out well for you. There are all types of therapies and practitioners. Choose someone with good credentials.

Hypnotism is utilized by many therapists who are specially trained beyond the master or Ph. D. Level in hypnotic therapy techniques. She or he can take you through the process and relax you enough to remember things you could not recall on your own. If you want to know if you were happy or unhappy in a previous karma reincarnation, this may be the method suitable to that pursuit.

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