Just How Real Are Psychics And Clairvoyants?

Psychics are people who have the special power of perceiving certain things that are otherwise not perceptible through the five senses that a normal person has. That is, a psychic can see, perceive or know things that are hidden or happening at a long distance away.

Leaving alone the topic of psychics at the moment, let me talk about a shopkeeper in a local store who I happen to know. I remember him telling me that he can visualize my future home to have a view of an undulating plateau and vast grounds from the window. Since I exactly have the very same view from my home now, I can safely conclude him to be a clairvoyant.

Thus clairvoyants are people who have the psychic power to ‘see’ things which otherwise cannot be seen by other people with the normal human sense of sight. Originating from the word ‘Clair voyance’ or ‘clear viewing’, clairvoyants have an extra sensory perception that results in them seeing visions of another individual’s personal aspects or his/her events in the past or future.

It can then be said that clairvoyants happen to be a subset of psychics but not vice versa. That is, all clairvoyants are said to possess psychic abilities but all psychics are not clairvoyants. In the usual parlance, the term clairvoyant is many a time carelessly used to refer to psychics as a whole. But the truth remains that apart from clairvoyants, there are numerous other types of psychics that are found all over the world.

The scientific study of the existence and reasons behind psychic abilities is called Parapsychology. In the scientific language of parapsychology, a clairvoyant is one who experiences transfer of contemporary information directly from an external source which is unknown or hidden to that person. Hence, it is quite different from telepathy, where the psychic experiences information transfer from another individual’s mind.

Again, clairvoyants can be differentiated from psychics having the abilities of retro-cognition and precognition. While retro-cognition involves knowing about another’s past, precognitions refers to foreseeing the future. In both these instances, the psychics ‘know’ the past or the future and they don’t necessarily ‘see’ it. If a person has vision about the future and sees the events, only then he can be called a clairvoyant.

Mediumship is also something that is frequently confused with clairvoyance. A medium is another type of psychic who has the ability to communicate with spirits. This communication happens through four channels. It can be that the psychic communicates with other entities through trance or receives health benefits or healing from higher sources, interacts with them physically by participating in activities such as turntables, etc or through Clairsensing, which is the combined ability of clairvoyance and clairaudience, the ability to see and hear them respectively. Thus, we see that clairvoyance is only one part of mediumship.

It can be concluded that be it a clairvoyant or another type of psychic, it is someone who has the gift of sixth sense, a rare special power that the individual has been blessed with. One should always consider it as a privilege and use it for helping other fellow human beings.

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