Just What Is Cosmic Meditation?

You may have heard of the term “cosmic meditation” but what exactly is it?

It’s known by various other names including “cosmic energy meditation” and also “grounding meditation”. It’s come into fashion with the movie “The Secret” and also with the growing popularity of Cosmic Ordering, where you send your thoughts out into the cosmos with the expectation that your wishes will come true.

To an extent, cosmic meditation blends old and new forms of meditation. The main aim, as with most other meditations, is to quiet and calm your mind. To achieve this, you should sit or lie still. This helps to allow your body to realize that it needs to be calm for this process to work. It usually helps to breathe deeply in and out a few times to add to your overall feeling of calmness.

Once you’ve started to calm your body, it’s time to commence the visualization, which is the heart of your cosmic meditation session. Let your imagination run wild – this form of meditation aims to allow you to tap into the cosmic forces that are all around us. Whether or not you believe in a god or any form of creation doesn’t matter – the important thing is to connect with the “oneness” of the universe, this si the energy that keeps the universe in one piece. Once you’ve made some kind of connection, the next part of the cosmic meditation process starts to happen. Remember that different people experience this connection in different ways and that each of your meditation sessions may be different. So if all you get is a sense that you’ve connected, that’s fine. And if you get a more powerful connection feeling, that’s fine as well. Go with the feeling rather than analyzing it!

When you’re in a connected state, the aim is to cleanse yourself and renew your energy levels. You can do this in a number of different ways:

Feel yourself standing bare foot on the ground. Notice the grass or soil below your feet. Then begin to notice energy from the ground slowly spreading upwards throughout your body. Feel the tingling sensation as this happens. Pay attention to the energy flowing upwards through your body. And as this energy flows, notice that it is purging all the toxins from your body. Every breath you exhale contains these toxins – you may even notice them dissolve into thin air as soon as they leave your mouth or nostrils.

Enjoy the energy radiating throughout your body. Relax into the energy flow in the same way as you’d do with a warm bath. Keep doing this for a few minutes. You may find the first few times you practice cosmic meditation that your body gets too excited and you have to stop. That’s OK. With practice, your cosmic meditating sessions will last longer.

Many people find that it’s easier to practice this kind of meditation using a guided meditation to help them. Check out the following site for help on this:


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2 Responses to Just What Is Cosmic Meditation?

  1. Sookdeo manansingh says:

    I am a seeker in search of wisdom. i came upon this site and is very happy to get some insight into cosmic meditation. i will apply what has been explain and will continue to keep in touch with the message of the divine through this medium.

  2. Marcus Lee says:

    Great. All these while, i am encountering sort of vibration and energy flowing/running in my body especially during full moon at open space. It could be due to cosmic energy, i guessed. Anyway, i will explore more on this “cosmic energy” which can benefit our daily lives and health. Thanks anyway.

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