Learn Chakra Meditation – What Are The Focus Points?

The time required to do charka meditation is generally more than other meditation methods. It may take up to 2 hours for a total workout on all 7 chakras. The seven chakras in our body are located from head to toe and they are as following;

For your stability, balance and safety is the root chakra which positioned at the base of the spine. Located at the lower abdomen is the sacral chakra which is located for enthusiasm, sexuality and psychic abilities and abilities for higher consciousness. This chakra is of orange color. For our will power and impulse actions is the solar plexus chakra which is positioned just under the chest. Color of this chakra is yellow.

Heart is the center for unconditional love and compassion and is situated in the chest. Color of heart chakra is green. Throat is the place where the ability to express ourselves verbally and our communication abilities are situated. It is situated below the head on the throat and the color of this chakra is sky blue. Third Eye has the ability to see beyond the physical world and is our window to the spiritual world. It is located on the forehead and the color of this chakra is indigo. Crown is the straight channel to higher consciousness, is located on top of the head and the color of this chakra is violet.

There are two approaches that can be followed fro chakra meditation. Balancing of the body with chakra spots can be done or the colors can be seen as linked with chakra spots. Start the chakra meditation by thinking of a red ball expanding in size as well as strength when you breathe in and out.

Chakra meditation is useful in creating awareness and consciousness in life and focus can be done on one or more chakras with meditation. You also gain support in facilitation of energy fields rebalancing and it is suggested to begin chakra meditation with a position that provides comfort, after which you can relax yourself by taking deep breath and closing your eyes gradually.

When you are focusing on the color of the chakra, your rate of coming out of it must be slowed down, with the brightness of the color remaining unaffected. Once chakra meditation is done you must permit your body to come to this conscious world gradually.

You learn to open your closed chakras with chakra meditation and this helps you to embrace the world and feel secure. Since there are different skills and personality associated with all your 7 chakras if one of them is closed, disharmony will prevail and your chakras will get imbalanced. Peace of mind and confidence will get regained with chakra meditation.

You must practice chakra meditation by focusing on the colors of chakra and see for yourself gaining back your confidence and peace of mind. Open your closed chakras with chakra meditation in a calm, serene atmosphere and a comfortable position. You must take out time to regain your confidence back by practicing chakra meditation.

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