Learn How To Meditate

Learning how to meditate is similar among many various cultures and religions. This holds true in many aspects of practicing meditation, from learning how to breathe properly, proper posture, when to meditate, choosing the correct place, planning your meditation and understanding our thoughts and emotions. When you are just learning how to meditate don’t worry too much about every little thing. Before you can begin to unwrap the many years of programming you will have to create within yourself a great desire and sense of urgency to want to change. It is important that you learn how to meditate the right way to get the most from your meditation experience.

Pick Your Environment

When you are beginning to meditate it is important to find a place that is quiet, free from clutter and comfortable. The best place to meditate would be a room in your house that gives you a positive and joyful feeling. Do not overly concern yourself with finding the perfect spot it will come in time and as you continue to use the same meditation area you will be altering the vibration of that spot so that it will hold the energy you are emanating. As you continue to program your energy into your meditation spot you will begin reaching deeper states of bliss

When To Meditate

Try to develop a routine and a regular time that you meditate every day. I find that the morning works best for me because I haven’t been overwhelmed with my daily chores and obligations. Our daily activities put us under a lot of stress and the demands make it harder for us to have a good meditation when we try to meditate and relax. Consistency in your daily morning meditations will help you cope with the stresses of everyday and you will notice you will be more relaxed and harmonious.

Choose Your Meditation Plan

Planning your meditation is important when you begin learning how to meditate. The right state of mind is important if you are going to be productive. If you come home from a hard day of work and then just sit right down and meditate you may spend the whole meditation trying to calm your mind. A great idea would be to take a short walk to unwind from the demands of your day. If you are tired than maybe you can take a cool shower or even an energizing fresh fruit drink. It is very important to approach your meditations with the right mindset and will help you get the most from your meditations.

Best Position

The best position is to be seated with a straight back. You can either sit on the floor or in a chair, which ever you feel more comfortable in. Imagine yourself as one with the surface you are sitting on and let the energy travel through your body from the floor to the top of your head. Imagine that a rope is attached to the top of your head and is pulling your body straight and upright. This will give the energy a free flowing channel to travel through

Lay your hands gently on your legs with your fingers relaxed and gently spread apart. Relax your jaw as you bring your chin towards your chest. Place your tongue to the roof of your mouth or up against the upper teeth with you mouth open ever so slightly. Focus your gaze with half opened eyes, seeing but not really noticing anything. Imagine yourself in a trance like state of awareness and no awareness at all. Do the same thing with any noises you hear, you notice the sounds but you don’t give them any importance. Let them be part of the background music, which becomes part of the meditation and no more important than anything else in your field of consciousness.

The Breath

As our minds seek to keep control our thoughts begin to run wildly. By focusing on your breath you will learn to let go of these thoughts. Focus your awareness on counting your breaths. As you breathe deep into your belly and then breathe out this will be a count of one. To help train yourself to quiet your mind try doing a series of 15 to 20 breaths. As you breathe in imagine yourself breathing prana energy in and as you breath out imagine all your tension and stress being released with each breath. Prana is the life force of the universe and is all around us. Using the vision of prana we are conditioning our minds to tap into the universal power,which gives us life.

Revel in the Benefits Of Meditation.

You’re starting to find that place inside yourself where you are in control and your emotions and are guided by your intentions. That place within where the mind is no longer the master of your destiny and controller of your fate. You start to realize what it’s like to be in control of your life and only accept peace and happiness in your life. A level of consciousness that shows you that you are more than you think you are. You are breaking free from your restraints and are no longer bound by the illusions you have placed on yourself.

Enjoy learning how to meditate and as you begin your journey it would be a good idea to get instructions from a well-regarded practitioner that will give you the support and teachings you need to succeed.

Do these meditation techniques everyday for the best possible results.

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