Learning Meditation

The idea of learning meditation has gotten a lot of people excited within recent years.  This is because just like all the millions of diets that are out there for a quick fix to lose weight, meditation is being seen in the same light.

We all know the benefits of meditation: calming the mind, centering the health, healing the body, etc. etc.  However, just like with losing weight or even doing anything in life, it takes time and practice and should not be seen as a quick fix.

Learning meditation is a life-long commitment, and there will be times when you’ll experience difficulties in doing so.  Everyone goes through that and falls off the wagon, and will sometime stop for a while because either the meditation wasn’t what the person thought it was going to be, it was the wrong kind, etc.

If we meet challenges while trying to meditate, we shouldn’t panic.  In fact, we should see it as a challenge to overcome, or even like a marathon.  We should train ourselves to become one with God and how to give more to him.

It’s not a matter of how much meditation we can do in an hours time, but how well we are doing it, and if the meditation we’re practicing is the right one for us.

It’s normal for everyone to want to experience happiness and bliss.  Every society, culture, and religion seeks this as their number one priority.  While others might do seek it through service, or even by lesser means (such as drugs, sex, and alcohol), others look to meditation to achieve this happiness.

It is vitally important that if we want to achieve a state of bliss, harmony and happiness, that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for failing to achieve.  Instead, we should look at ourselves lovingly within, and surrender ourselves to the Universe without attachments.  Only then can true happiness be achieved, especially if a right attitude and an open mind and heart are involved.

If we are not open to achieve this state of bliss, which is the essential goal in learning any meditation techniques, postures, etc.  The spiritual experiences that we are trying to achieve will not be positive for us, and we will essentially give up and stop meditation altogether.

If you want to achieve anything in life, you must work hard and put your mind, body, and soul into it.  That is what meditation is, and that is exactly what learning it is all about.

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