What Does A Psychic Do?

Think of all the names those with psychic powers been called throughout the years: clairvoyant, fortune tellers, augur, and prophets. There are many different titles given to those who have any type of powers related to second sight, but the actual powers and activities of this group have been the same throughout the years.

People who are psychic believe that they can tap deep enough into the subconscious to be able to see things beyond what the natural eye sees. Some psychics claim to be able to speak with the dead (mediums). Others believe that tarot cards can be used to predict the future.

Some people see psychics on a regular basis for psychic readings. It is through these readings that serious life problems are solved, thanks to the believed ability of the psychic to see into the deeper workings of a client’s mind.

Many people find that they enjoy having a psychic reading; however, some people are very shaken by psychic powers. Sometimes people find out things about themselves that they really didn’t want to know.

In 1766, the very first known psychic was born. Dr. Franz Antoine Mesmer lived until he was 49 years old, passing away in 1815. While many people today have questioned how powerful he really was, he was known in his own time as a clairvoyant who could heal people.

The Hydesville psychic movement of the 1940s was a big phenomenon and the Fox Sisters were right at the center of the action. Known for their ability to draw out dead people and make them communicate by moving things or making weird sounds, Margaret, Kate, and Leah Fox would put on fascinating shows in their time.

There were several churches in the past as well, that claimed to be able to speak with the dead and ward off demons. Many people still had a hard time believing all of this. Harry Houdini himself claimed that is was all fake. It would be some time before people would start to accept psychic powers.

There have been many times throughout history that people have claimed to have gifts of prophecy and precognitive abilities. Almost everyone has precognitive abilities. A good example is when someone knows who is calling them before they look or answer the phone. Another example is when a person gets a sudden urge to call a loved one, when they sense that something is very wrong.

A person may also have precognitive, or psychic, abilities if they have a dream about events that actually end up happening. This is sometimes referred to as dj vu.

The Universe guides may psychics in reading signs and symbols. These psychics believe that items such as stones, sticks, cards, dice, tealeaves, and shells and help them to predict the future. At one time priests would try to predict the future by watching the patterns that occurred when he poured oil into water. These practices are referred to as mantic arts. We find that in history many of these practices were banned and ever persecuted by Christians.

The roots of psychic readings go way back to the beginnings of time, where they were ever present in the ancient world. It was known that the King of Egypt kept psychics always on hand as a part of the royal court. They would be consulted for major decisions and of course, they could be imprisoned or killed for giving the wrong answers to the King’s problems.

Later, psychic readers were prosecuted along with fortunetellers, during the Salem Witch Trials. At this time, Christians came down hard on these women because they claimed that this was the work of the devil.

Today Psychics are widely accepted as part of society. They are prominent in large cities, as well as in books, on the radio, on television and on the internet.

Of course, there is still a lot of doubt and skepticism surrounding this type of power. While it is no longer demonized, many people still do not believe psychic powers are real.

While it is true that some people set up shop as a psychic without any real powers, there are many really powerful psychics in our time. You have to take the fakes with any industry in our day.

There is also ever increasing scientific evidence to show that everyone has some degree of psychic ability which can be enhanced by the right training.

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