Manifestation Meditation

Ever since the movie “The Secret” was launched, people have been looking for ways to manifest their dreams.

The Secret makes it sound easy.

And in some ways, manifesting is maybe the easiest thing you can do.

In fact, you may not realize it but near enough everything you’re currently witnessing in your life is a direct result of your current thoughts. Ouch!

Here are some things you can do that will help you manifest more of what you want in your life:

Cut down on your negative thoughts and inputs. Start by turning off the news – it will happen whether you watch or read it or not and you likely still won’t be able to influence it.

Focus on the positive side of things. It’s in this area that listening to a manifestation meditation like this one will really pay dividends.

Look around you – almost everything you can see has manifested itself from people’s thoughts. The automobile on your driveway, the computer screen you’re reading this on, almost everything around you has been manifested from thoughts.

The “trick” is to vividly imagine things.

Our minds have great difficulty knowing the difference between vividly imagined stuff and reality. So if you jumped when that dinosaur got close in Jurassic Park, that was your mind vividly imagining a great big (extinct) creature coming to life right in front of you.

It doesn’t take a movie to manifest things though…

You can do the same on your own.

Just go for as much detail as possible and picture the completed manifestation in your mind’s eye. Turn up the color. Turn up the volume. Intensify any smells and scents. Zoom in and make the detail super-detailed. Do everything you can to make whatever it is you want to manifest seem real. Then repeat the exercise each day (first thing when you get up is a good time, so is last thing before you sleep). Imagine it getting more and more real.

You can use a manifestation meditation like this one to help you with this.

Or you can combine the manifestation meditation with the ideas in the Quantum Cookbook and really supercharge your manifestation and start to turn your dreams into reality.

Let me know how you do with your manifestation meditation by posting a comment below!

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