how do you meditate

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  1. Wateva says:

    marijuana, my guitar, and my djembe.

  2. matthewasaclark says:

    sit by the ocean and think of nothing but the sound of the waves infusing you with earth’s energys

  3. =/ says:

    I don’t and neither should you….LOL

  4. MANGO FACE says:

    anything relaxing and calming you enjoy is meditating. even knitting!

  5. branddxb says:

    there are different techniques. you can start with transcendental meditation. you tube might have it.

  6. eepamouse says:

    There are many different ways of meditation and all beneficial for general health and lowering stress levels. This is because if you manage to get in this state of lowered heart rate and deeper breathing it tricks the body to release chemicals that are normally released in sleep.
    Simple meditation would involve sitting or lying quietly and focus on your breathing (slow). Try to keep your mind empty – if a thought pops in just acknowledge but don’t dwell on it.
    More advanced methods include Tai Chi.

  7. britzila says:

    Dont listen to the person that said to knit, they obviously never meditated. There are however many ways.
    This is the one I use
    1. Kill distractions, unplug the phone turn off tv, go someplace quiet,
    2. sit confortably
    3. Breath in and out, through your mouth. Focus on your breath. Count as you inhale to 3 to 5 depending on you. Count as you hold it agian 3 to 5. Count as you exhale, 3 to five again.
    Focus on this. Thoughts will come, just gently let them go, and re focus on your breath
    Eventually all will be quiet within you, and you can stop counting, and just focus on the darkness, or on your chi.

  8. healthwriter says:

    Different schools will teach you different ways of meditation. I prefer to practise Vipassanna meditation, just sitting quietly and with eyes closed, focused on the breathing.

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