Meditating on Darkness

Take a look at this video about meditating:

From the works of living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from the discourses, “Power of Darkness” and “Inner Darkness”, Swamiji gives us a beautiful understanding of meditating on darkness. Darkness is the mother energy on which the whole world is moving. Connecting with darkness will completely remove all fears of death, depression. Swamiji tells us that by meditating on darkness one can get to a thoughtless state since thoughtlessness is colorlessness. In this clip Swamiji describes two techniques of Shiva to meditate on darkness. The technique requires us to experience the deep sleep state with awareness. He tells us that when we add awareness to deep sleep we fall into the state of Samadhi or enlightenment. The complete discourses may be ordered online at

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24 Responses to Meditating on Darkness

  1. MSNcomMartiny2m says:

    darkness existed before light

  2. narashima83 says:


  3. creamaster says:


  4. gabrielo22 says:

    on darkness…paradoxicaly this man seems a bright light, out of darkness…

  5. rmurali says:

    Why not test yourself. Switch off all lights in your home early (say, by 7pm) and experience. Then upgrade by totally not switching on any light and be so for 12 hours. After giving enough time experiencing this, you may decide to completely give up so-called civilised (city) life. I am confident your eyesight improves.

  6. ulispointofview says:

    darkness seen with the mind(sky) and felt by the body (temperature, breathing etc.) and darkness seen without the mind as infinity (causal body) is almost incomparable to each other..Seeing Mother Kali as the origin and as a reflection of the origin cannot be xplained. Nice Try though! 🙂
    May the present day reflections of the divine clear the virus of the mind.
    Nithyanandam and Bowing to Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi

  7. twilightkinko says:

    I am near-sighted, after like, 5 feet my vision begins to deteriorate and I am not able to read things across the room. I have lived all my life under artificial light, my grandma and older brother have this same problem, our left eye is also worse than the right. But our vision was good until our teens. Could living in the wilderness or in a country area without using artificial light fix this?

  8. reskfwey says:

    kewl vid, i feel better!!!

  9. JolPil says:

    …those black metal rockers, those heavy metal or goth-rockers seek the blackness, without knowing it, they only dress in black.

  10. gzyyy6 says:

    in the darkness of the forest you can see the light comes as your site adjust wise man

  11. BuddhaPoet says:

    I think all our searching ends with this video. All our lives we’ve been searching for the source and we were told that darkness was … of the unspeakable breed. We were told to fear darkness, to “overcome” it. All to sustain the illusion of the world. I, personally, have had enough of the illusion and would like nothing better than to touch the source again. Thank you Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and salutations to all who are watching this video.

  12. hellojaik says:

    Really excellant!
    We all blessed swami!!!!!!!

  13. gerritje68 says:

    Thank you for being with us Swamiji

  14. Brema23 says:

    Thank You for this method Swamiji.

    Seek Your Divine Blessings to go through this unique process with love and reverence Swamiji.

    Thanking You

  15. BBlisss says:

    Nithyanandam !

    We tried the Darkness Meditation during the NSP program @ the Bangalore Ashram this month.
    we did that for about 6 hours.
    It was good to see Swamiji in Person. All the Meditations, Energy Darshan, Swamiji dancing, Ashramites, Hospitality, Fantastic Food and the Anandeshwara Temple. Unforgetable experience.
    I hope to be there soon.

    Thank You for your love and blessings Swamiji.
    Thank You to your team for posting lovely videos for us to enjoy.

  16. BBlisss says:

    Nithyanandam !

    I have a problem of oversleeping.
    I have been trying this technique for the past 2 days.
    It works…. fantastic …. I can tell the difference.
    I will try it at the same time everyday for a couple of days.

    Thank You, Swamiji.

  17. LifeBlissFoundation says:


    You do not need to do this technique at the same time.

    In Nithyananda,
    Life Bliss Foundation You Tube Team

  18. BBlisss says:

    Thank You for the techinque.

    Do I need to practise for 1 hour everyday at the same time? Or it can be 1 hour at any time I am free?

  19. 250954 says:

    I love u swamiji.

  20. yogishiva says:

    do a puja?

  21. whalebusters says:

    Namaste Swamiji: I am very happy to see in in the midst of all this maya. Please send us a blessing for our Alaska Cook Inlet Whales so that they will not be destroyed by uncaring people. Thank you for your brahma joyti that shines to brighten the world. May you always be blessed with many good followers and safety for your journey upon this earth. May your enlightenment cut away the darkness from the ignorance of people’s minds. Jaya Swamiji-Whalebusters

  22. yogishiva says:

    he’s everywhere! somehow we don’t see him everywhere

  23. junglepimp says:

    im so glad swamiji is on youtube!

    keep the great vids comin !! 😀

  24. edendvatri says:

    This is a complete new view for me….

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