Meditation On This Agent Debate About the Body and Health

One of the most intriguing aspects of today’s medicine is the pathway of laboratory created drugs and the pathway of surgery that has been embarked upon.Have you ever considered that there could be other paths of development that we haven’t followed? What if there are natural cancer treatments that worked?

To further our understanding we have to recall a very ancient squabble. There came a time when the pathway of ancient medicine’s development split into to very different paths.When these groups polarized, there were two distinct camps.

One group adopted the concept of mechanism as their mantra.  That is that every part of the body can be broken down and understood in terms of simple mechanics or simple biological understandings.

Any guesses on what the opposite camp believed to be the truth?They were more interested in vitalism.  In the Vitalist camp was the idea that the body is regulated by an intelligent force that was capable of healing the body.This group felt that nature could help the body to heal.

How does this relate to cancer treatments today?

After a while, the ‘mechanist camp found that they could simply copy nature by finding the ‘active’ ingredient in the plants and make a slightly altered copy in the laboratory, then it could be patented and money could be made.

Therefore, in modern times, the mechanists have adobpted parts of the the vitalist’s concept.Did the vitalists win the battle in the end?This obviously hasn’t really had any effect because the mechanists or allopaths the dominant force in today’s medicine.

The vitalists are still around but they are more or less underground and forced into subservient positions in the medical realm.

But many natural substances that come from plants are still being used as remedies even today.These are used for treating cancer and other ailments of the body.

They use them to treat ailments other than cancer too.You may already be aware of some of these.

Next, learn more about natural cancer treatments that work.

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