Meditation Secrets Only Masters Know

Do you know the meditation secrets only masters should know? Meditation helps you become aware of every thought and feeling. Never to judge but to watch is a quality that can be developed only with meditation. It is in the watching you begin to understand the whole movement of thought and feeling. Meditation unlocks the power of awareness that leads you to power, patience and success. It shows you the reality of life and what your role is in it.

Complete self-discovery, self-sufficiency and purity of thought and action can be got with meditation also. This is because during the process of meditation we are able to focus on the seat of love and spiritual progress in the heart. Once awareness is centered in the heart, it sets us free.

Meditation also works like an iron shield. It makes you immune to noise outside in the world. Nothing is able to touch you. Pain and pleasure cannot stir you. Material possessions cannot give you everlasting happiness but meditation leads you through higher aspirations to a unique self-sufficiency and purity. It sets you above physical desires and the tribulations of life appear to be no more than pin-pricks barely felt.

Meditation is also pivoted on grace from God. It is a secret that cannot be explained. The more thankful you are for receiving good things in life, the more good things flow in to your life. Grace clears problems in the way of your spiritual development and turns ignorance and disbelief into knowledge and devotion. Grace makes your meditation stable and your purpose clear to you.

But, no matter how rich you become or how powerful you are in worldly terms, you continue to feel a twinge of sadness in the depths of your heart. You may have everything in terms of family, property and position in society but an inner happiness eludes you. This is bliss which can be achieved only with meditation. Bliss is timeless and causeless. It is defined as the ultimate joy. Very few have achieved complete bliss but we all are capable of experiencing it in some intensity through meditation.

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