Take a look at this video about meditation techniques: * http * * http * …care to experience a beautiful guided meditation with Dan the liferegenerator? Yeah, I thought so. Enjoy… 😉 ?

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25 Responses to MEDITATION TECHNIQUES -learn HOW TO MEDITATE w/ Dan McDonald

  1. showmanitotankaowasi says:

    @MyHealthierMe actually, that was paul Mcartney, but thumbs up for a Beatles quote Nonetheless!

  2. suziesmoothie says:

    Lovely vid Dan(: I love meditation too . I practice Vipassana meditation on a regular basis..Holosync helps your meditation too! (:

  3. MyHealthierMe says:

    I wish I was there right now!
    So beautiful; nature, the rays of the sun, your peaceful vibe.
    Peace & Love to and to us all.
    To quote John Lennon: “when all the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be”
    I hope we all can, one day, see the light.
    Keep up the good work Dan 🙂

  4. nese67 says:

    you are very cute

  5. madonnabeso says:

    dan, i love you. God bless you and yours

  6. RssMMA says:

    Nice location, I’m going to go to a spot like that near me. No sun though, but I’ll picture that in my mind 😉

  7. weBjammin625 says:

    I love meditating to this video..very peaceful

  8. korvix says:

    you remind me of tarzan, free nature boy

  9. louislestat123 says:

    the real avatar

  10. kingskid29223 says:

    Wow! I really feel like you’re scraping on the surface of something bigger to come! Beautiful video! I can’t wait for more.

  11. carrieabay says:

    full on the best austrailan accent ive heard in my day! 🙂

  12. MrGoofinaround says:

    i gotta pee!

  13. joanofarcxxi says:

    beautiful lighting, location, sounds.

  14. green2lean says:

    Very cool how you’re being showered with sun rays in this video.

  15. roach270 says:

    But its not right into wild outback where you might be, so it might be easier for you where you are. Where i am though ina urbanised area its a lot more difficult to do what you are doing. I fully respect what you are doing and i think its great and i love watching wildlife.

  16. roach270 says:

    I see where you are going with this video it is nice to listen to. But the closest thing i can get where i am which is in a urbanised area is an allotment. You may not no what they are Ill tell you. They are like a little green space that you can rent out eaach year and grow vegetables on. The site that i have my allotment on is fairly old may be more than 60 years old. It does get alot of wildlife in the way of pheasents, foxes, birds, frogs, toads and a number of rodent species.

  17. nutier says:

    interesting video ! I want to learn it from you . I use to meditate in my bed room . When i meditate I feel to something appearing in the Galaxies .

  18. SorroHelps says:

    Looks peaceful . . maybe I should try it ? Was that a shout-out at the very beginning ? Thx for the sub and friend ; )

  19. dangraves3031 says:

    OMG , romaine lettuce , carrot , and spinach juice does taste like chocolate milk!!!

  20. MRboxme says:

    i did this other day then all of a sudden i saw somting and i thought nothing and just saw it without thinking and all my body tingerling and my chest felt free after

  21. kosai19 says:

    Wasn’t aware you knew about it already.

    As for applying, if you do try and get rejected the only downside is that you have to wait another 2 months before you can apply again… so there’s no real downside to trying.

    Also if you click on the apply button it’ll let you know what your chances are before you officially apply. You guys might be accepted right now.


    Alex from Canada

  22. milokito says:

    Hi! I am very familiar with the partnership program as that has been our goal from day 1! For Dan to be eligible… From what I hear, you don’t want to apply until you are *sure* you can be accepted…and we are ALMOST there… 😀

    By the way, we are already ‘partners’ with youtube on a handful of our videos…they have a revenue share program just for eligible videos, and for that program they let you know when they want to make a vid part of it, so so far we have 7 vids in it

  23. kosai19 says:

    You’re welcome Krista…

    I found out that Youtube has a partnership program that allows you to not only upload hour long videos but you get part of the profits from the banner ads that youtube displays during your videos.

    After the youtube url just add “/partners”. There you can learn more about it and sign up. It’ll be a great way for Dan to upload extended videos and have them be purchased from Youtube. I saw somewhere that Youtube has a feature to make videos private so it can be purchased.

  24. milokito says:

    awesome. thanks for looking into it. i think before we were using the flip program for uploads and it never allowed above 10 minutes. but now that we are using tubemogul, maybe it will let us do up to 10:59, we shall see! i appreciate your help. pretty sure we won’t be able to do hour long vids, though…wouldn’t that be nice!

  25. kosai19 says:

    Just asked someone who regularly uploads videos of that length. As for the longer videos, I do know that it is still possible. Peter Schiff has his SchiffReport channel where he uploaded a video that was over an hour long. I’ll try and figure out how he did it.

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