Meditative Mood

Take a look at this video about meditative:

American film director Robert Redford used the piece as the main theme for his 1980 Academy Award-winning film Ordinary People. High quality 3-D surround sound technology One of the most famous pieces of music by Johann Pachelbel. It was written in or around 1680, during the Baroque period, as a piece of chamber music for three violins and basso continuo, but has since been arranged for a wide variety of ensembles. Composed at 60 beats per minute, the speed of a sleeping person’s heartbeat. (First time i heard Pachelbel Canon was many eons ago in Carnegie Hall)

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25 Responses to Meditative Mood

  1. guitarjerry1126 says:

    This is one of my favorite Christmas time music scores.
    Thank you, for posting.


  2. guitarjerry1126 says:

    This is one of my favorite Christmas time music scores.
    Thank you, for posting.


  3. guitarjerry1126 says:

    This is one of my favorite Christmas time music scores.
    Thank you, for posting.


  4. OnJin81 says:

    Thank You for your nice comment on my video, I like your view of Life,- indeed “Music Heals our Souls”, its the universal language what we all understand and where we are connected through with each other.

    Nice greetings to You, much Love & Light, my Friend with beautiful Soul!


  5. guitarjerry1126 says:

    Another beautiful and heart touching melody ! Just as the title suggests, the scenery is just as that .A brilliant posting, by PowerSpirit3

  6. dakotajim11378 says:

    Hey lovely spirit, you are so right, it’s so beautiful and I can just dose right off to sleep with it, it’s so mellow and just right for a romantic mood as well. Your video is so artistically well done. I’m not sure if I’m looking at the real thing or an animation that you so marvelously created. Don’t tell me, I like it the way it is!
    I know I will visit you often and spread your fame to my friends on my channels. Love ya, Jimmy

  7. Marcomemusic says:

    Very soothing music and peaceful vdeo ! Tks!

  8. sonicreaction says:

    thankyou for sharing this…….

  9. karmakomodia says:

    Maybe overplayed at weddings..But most likely due to the fact that it is simply a glorious work. Combined with this visual one can imagine that such was the intention from Pachebel. Thank you Powder for this wonderful gift..

    Carnagie Hall..where magic happens.

  10. sanjeev1226 says:

    Ahh..this music is wonderful!! So full of peace, calmness and oceanic serenity, even possible with the music going on!

    Most people in the world need this, and most of them miss it!

  11. eyeangle says:

    this one

  12. PowderSpirit3 says:

    this one? or Pachelbels origianl?
    there are many variations from the original 🙂

  13. farnooshf says:

    woooooooooooow, this is of my favorite pieces from Johann Pachelbel.. what am I going to write now… I am speechless… yes my tears are coming…. happy tears for sure…you touched my heart and soul deeply with this breathtaking fabulous inspiring lovely artistic creation..
    I am still flying… divine.. divine..divine…
    million of stars for you sweet heart and even more than a million.. infinite….
    warm big hugs from my heart to your beautiful heart.
    farnoosh 🙂

  14. SACOenrugado says:

    I agree. I always listen to this song when I I’m stressed or insecure about the future. It is magical.

  15. imaginarythings says:

    What a beautiful and touching video…It sends a strong message to my soul~:)

  16. eyeangle says:

    where can I find this mp3?

  17. Poetpol1 says:

    Beautiful video and music!!!

  18. blancoycanela says:

    Really beautiful, my friend!!!

    A great channel, with no doubt!!!

    And a great hug.


  19. dragonflyslight says:

    AMAZING CREATION of Heartfelt Love and Relaxation ! You are SO Loved my Friend 🙂
    peace, love and joy

  20. GStrongRAW says:


  21. jend1497 says:

    Love this one thank you for sharing it to the world

    blessings to you and yours xxx

  22. SoulByDzyne says:

    Just breathtakingly beautiful! Well done PowderSpirit!

  23. passjay says:

    thanks for the send..this is sweet…very mind blowing~~PJ

  24. devacangel53 says:

    Gorgeous… Renee

  25. jcmegabyte says:

    Very nicely done – great selection of scenes and video mixing, and of course the soundtrack is pretty hard to beat! Very relaxing and enjoyable to experience 🙂

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