Melatonin Side Effects And Anti-Aging Factor (Part 2)

Too little growth hormone can be harmful, and too much can also be harmful. There is a certain range where people can benefit from growth hormone. Individuals who produce an excessive amount of growth hormone in their thirties can develop an enlarged forehead and hands; a condition known as acromegaly. As we grow older, growth hormone levels drop, as does our amount of deep sleep. By taking melatonin, we increase our delta sleep, and generate just the right amount of growth hormone that can be beneficial. The small amount of this hormone produced in adults, due to increased delta sleep, can be beneficial for their health.

Melatonin increases the immune system response, so it is suggested that those with autoimmune disorders avoid the hormone.

There is no known limit to the amount of melatonin someone can take. No known level can cause death. It is relatively harmless. Individuals vary in the amount of this hormone they can consume, because of differing biochemistries in the population. Some people can only tolerate 1 mg and others 10 times as much. Some feel groggy with a low dose, and others do not experience this side affect. If there are side effects, they usually decline over a period of weeks.

I started taking this hormone in 1998. I took 90 mg a day for over 7 years. This is an incredible amount of melatonin taken over a long period, which may break world records. The effects of melatonin on my mind and body were remarkable.My skin appeared healthier. I looked younger. My growth hormone levels were higher. My thinking was clearer. My mood was improved.

I only stopped the experiment when my insulin levels became too high due to low testosterone levels. Testosterone has the effect of making the insulin levels more effective, therefore insulin levels drop. In cases where people have high insulin levels this could be due to less effective insulin interaction with body cells, called insulin resistivity. These people tend to gain weight easier, because the higher insulin levels make them feel hungrier. Testosterone supplementation can alleviate this to some extent, by causing the insulin interaction with body cells to be more effective, dropping the insulin levels. Individuals who take melatonin can significantly increase their insulin levels, if their melatonin dosage is too high for a period of time. In this case, testosterone supplementation may be needed to decrease the insulin levels.

So, Beware of taking to high levels of melatonin over a period of time, since melatonin drops testosterone levels; this can have the affect of raising insulin in the blood stream, ultimately resulting in diabetes. So a safe level of melatonin to take daily is ~ 3 mg. If you go any higher, or take this dose for a long period of time, then you may need to supplement your body with testosterone.

Melatonin has numerous benefits. There is evidence that it may increase health, happiness, and longevity. That is why it is, in my opinion, a miracle hormone.

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