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The brain, which controls our mental actions, is more than a mass of lobes and other tissues, it controls the entire nervous system of the body which, in turn, reaches out and controls every part of the body including movement. For this reason, the brain has long been the subject of many studies, theories and investigation, not the least of which is why and how we can create a mental image without meaning to.

Mental images are thoughts the brain often engages in that are unrelated to what is actually occurring around them. This is often demonstrated in the classroom when the droning voice of the teacher leads the student to mentally escape to other areas frequently coming in the form of daydreams.

Imagination is an excellent example of this process which can be voluntary or involuntary depending on the trigger. A young girl, for example, might imagine herself a princess and goes through all the steps she thinks might be applicable to that role. Visualization is another form that is represented by being able to ‘see’ a picture or object in one’s “mind’s eye”. This will be as real as if it were actually in front of a person and, when voluntary and used in conjunction with relaxation techniques, can take one to a deeper state of calm than without.

In the medical world, this technique is used to help bring greater relief from stress and/or anxiety-related disorders with tremendous success. There are many options out there, such as, which has seen positive results in the arena of relaxation and stress relief.

Other techniques such as biofeedback, meditation, yoga and forms of body and mind control can also be successful depending on the individual’s needs. Taking the time to research the various techniques will show you that many of them work on the idea of self-hypnosis, another form of mental imaging. Self-hypnosis takes a person’s mind and creates a blank canvas by getting them to concentrate on one single object, phrase, prayer or something else, whatever it takes to get the participant to mentally remove themselves from the current stressful situation that they are in, gaining them peace and relaxation. It takes the participant to a place where they are able to actually remove their cares of the day and can even bring about a feeling of euphoria.

While mental images actually occur on a daily basis, one becomes so used to it that it does not receive a second thought. Thinking thoughts which bring scenes to the mind, such as a memorable event or a happy occasion, takes one’s mind from the present to the past or the future. Reading a book is also an example where one becomes so involved with the story they can picture it in their mind.

Ideally, you will learn techniques to benefit your body and mind which eliminate the desire for chemical medications. Many people who attempt these holistic methods do not dedicate the proper amount of energy and time to this pursuit. You can only achieve success by practicing and repeating these techniques. Some techniques require around thirty minutes or more each day, while others only require that you dedicate a few moments. When you combine meditation with mental imaging techniques, you can reach even more positive, lasting results for your mind and body.

Doctors, therapists and psychiatrists all make the argument that the brain controls many, if not all, of the problems that occur with the body, and that the stresses and anxieties that are related to these things can be helped with mental imaging. Because your nerves extend through your entire body, the things that happen to your brain can be easily related to what happens to your body as well. Unfriendly interactions with people or bad days at work can cause very bad headaches and fatigue. Once these connections were discovered and studied, strategies for relieving aches, pains and stress were studied and established. Those who are interested in trying these techniques to heal themselves are aided by experts who have studied extensively in this field, a well as sessions with larger groups.

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