Mindflo 3-Relaxation, Meditation and Calm with Nature

Mindflo 3-Relaxation, Meditation and Calm with Nature
Price: $24.95
Mindflo 3-Relaxation, Meditation and Calm with Nature
Product Description
Mindflo 3 has been especially created to guide you into a rich natural experience in relaxation. This program was filmed in High Definition Known for his beautiful filming, HD cinematographer Norman Bosworth will take you on a journey through artfully filmed natural locations. You will enjoy the changing of the seasons in amazing detail. Fluid motion and rich stunning colors will move you as only High Definition Cinematography can. Because of the high quality of the HD original footage, you will see a noticeable picture improvement on any TV this program is viewed on. Mindflo 3 will play in ALL DVD players in ALL regions of the world. A lot of thought and love has gone into the making of this film. It is our intent that Mindflo 3 becomes a positive and useful resource facilitating your ability to reach within. Mindflo 3 has been created in a special way. There is one continuous 60 minute music video featured on this disc. Throughout the program the camera feels as though it is floating from scene to scene as you become absorbed into the beautiful visuals and music. The whole experience is designed to move you into your inner self. As you move into this calming space, expect to feel positive changes in your mind body connection. The unbroken 60 minute play time will allow you the time needed to reach deep within yourself. You will enjoy Mindflo 3 again and again.
Mindflo 3-Relaxation, Meditation and Calm with Nature

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5 Responses to Mindflo 3-Relaxation, Meditation and Calm with Nature

  1. Shalizeh says:

    I bought this product because it was described as a nature meditation. when I played it was a compilation of different natural sites with music in the background, but nothing out of the extraordinary. I was expecting something more spectacular for the price I payed. So, I guess that is how we find out if something is worth the price and this one comes short of it’s description.

  2. I work in a hospital and we have added a new TV station just to air these videos. The maker of these videos was very coopertive during this process we did not want to break any copy right laws so we contacted him and he had no problem letting us air all three of the mindflo videos. I knew from the first time i veiwed them that our patients would find them as enjoyable as i did. Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your cooperation during this process.

  3. I’m going to give this video 5 stars because it is just stunning photography. Many gorgeous close up’s of our natural environment and the music is perfect. BCI Video which produces it uses HD camera’s to capture every detail. They would like to put the Mindflo series out in true HD format, but due to the format wars and the high cost to produce HD-DVD, they are waiting for a resolution.

    I often play this DVD on my Toshiba HD-DVD player that up converts and passes the signal to a 60″ Sony 1080p display with superb results for a standard DVD format. Everyone that sees it is astonished by the beauty and relaxing music. The sounds of streams, the wind and birds is beautifully captured and presented.

  4. I love this DVD. We bought it for the purpose of relaxing our children before bedtime. While we no longer need to use it for that purpose, I still absolutely look forward to those times when I get to just sit still and watch. If I could write a review with the right words, it would be the product description. It is entirely accurate. I don’t meditate, I just love watching the beautiful cinematography. I think it’s fascinating how they shot this! The picture is always moving and it reminds me of walking (floating, really because there is absolutely no jarring of the cinematography)through the woods or field or next to the water edge. There are angles that look upward, from above looking downward, from the side…I have no idea how these people did it, but I am intrigued each and every time I watch it. And, did I mention how crisp and detailed the images are? I feel like I can smell the dew on the leaf…it’s that good. I love the lighting too. I must like the music because it doesn’t interupt the visuals for me, which are the biggest amazement to me. Yes, this DVD is pricey and I am a big fan of the library where I try to find everything that is a one time watch or read there. But, this is something you definately want to own….and it is worth the price. Terrific..and yes, it does seem like a lot of love when into its creation.

  5. This gives a pure sense of imagination creation, anyone who see’s this and can’t imagine themselves where this is filmed, is not alive. These images and definitions of experience, take you far beyond any I have seen, they are pure in nature and the filming was done with such patience and insight that it deserves accolades galore.

    This should be appreciated for what it’s content is, a look at places on the earth that are brought to the point of their absolute beauty and creative form and should be appreciated for just that alone.

    The intent of being calmed and relaxed is real, especially with sights and sounds like the music for meditation, but for me, I loved every incredible visual affect it brought to the forefront.

    One of the best I have ever seen!

    Ron Harris

    Mesa, Arizona

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