Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is essential to any form of spiritual practice, including meditation. It is said that we must have a mind that is able to say in the moment if our understanding and experience of your spiritual path are to ever deepen.

When it comes to mindfulness meditation, the main goal is to achieve a mind that is stable and calm, which is essentially the goal in all meditation forms in general.  When we accomplish this goal, we discover that the calmness and/or harmony that we are trying to achieve is something that was always a part of our mind; but because of your busy lives, our mind has been trained to be active and constantly moving instead of being in a natural state.

In order to practice mindfulness effectively, it is important to create certain conditions what will be helpful, not harmful to the process.  For example, if you are creating a meditation space and it happens to be a small space that leaves you feeling uplifted and it’s sacred to you, it’s a very good thing.  It is also good to be in a place where your mind should not be easily distracted by noise or other outside factors or emotions.  If this happens, your meditation practice will not be as effective as you set it out to become or should be…

When you are practicing mindfulness meditation, besides the importance of posture, and breathing, you might find yourself being more aware of your thoughts, even if they are slight distractions.   The best thing you can do for you in this situation are to acknowledge the thought, and that sometimes it is just going to happen.  In order to still the mind, we must realize that our mind will need to be tamed and that it can be wild.

When going through a mindful meditation process, you are on a journey of discovery to understand the basic truth of who you are and your connection to the universe.  It’s important that when you start this mediation that you are aware of how fast your thoughts are actually going.  Once you are aware of this, the harnessing of the mind begins.

This form of meditation is not only free, but simple and there is no reason to make it anymore complicated than what it is.  We are working with the mind, and while some may see sitting and doing nothing as laziness; in meditation, it’s doing a lot.

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