Music for Meditation: What Meditation Music Should You Choose?

Music has always been known as a healing force. That’s why you’ll often find background music piped in offices, shopping malls and elevators.

Music has been known to raise productivity and efficiency levels.

However when it comes to meditation music the approach is very different. The tunes, rhythms and beats are all conducive to meditation. Often, when heard in isolation it may sound almost weird but when used in conjunction with meditation, it aids the process.

Types of meditation music

It is essential to choose the right kind of music for the type of meditation you do.

Just as you would not choose Jazz music for a rock n roll party, you should not choose meditation music fleetingly. It needs careful consideration and thought.

I have listed out some common types of music and what each one suits.

  • Relaxation meditation: The music for this sort of meditation needs to coax the body to slow down and relax. It needs the stress in the body to melt away. For such music, flute sounds and water sounds are best suited. Even rainforest theme based music is suitable.
  • Affirmation meditation: In this form of meditation a music with a definite beat works best. For example the beats used in Tibetan monasteries seem to work very well in this form of meditation. Therefore the use of Gongs and bells with a resonating sound are best.
  • Reflective meditation: In this form of meditation the music beats need to be in a frequency of around 60 beats every minute. It is in sync with our heart rate which usually beats at 60 times every minute. For this type baroque meditation music works very well.

For example if you try to mix the beat music style of baroque music to induce relaxation meditation, it will be very difficult. This is because it will not be in sync with what you’re trying to achieve.

Therefore as you can see, your choice of meditation music is important. The different styles play a crucial role in enhancing the purpose of your meditation.

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