Music for Meditation

Music and mantras, especially those that are used in meditation bring us into reality everyday.  This is because since the dawn of civilization, it has balanced organisms through its rhythmic pattern of tones which create a harmonic relationship with each other and is what we long for symbolically for the world due to its harmony.

In general, music soothes our souls, help us enhance our moods, and oftentimes bring light into a world of darkness.  In ancient times, kings and saints used music in such manner mostly for celebrations.  However, when it came to religious ceremonies, specific music would be written for devotion and meditation.

However, in today’s modern world, there have been frequencies of sounds that have been created in which a white noise has become a sound of existence on our environment.  So, if we are looking a proper balance within our mind, a proper balance with the right sound is also crucial to help still our chaotic environments.

If we want to survive, or even escape from such noisy and distracting environments, we must understand what the sounds of our natural environment can tell us and teach us.  If you pay attention to the sounds of birds, animals, insects, rain, etc., each one presents us with various tones depending on the time of day, season, species, etc.

In fact, the sounds and tones of nature itself can create music if we listen with a keen ear, and meditate upon the message.  For example, on a spring and summer morning, it is not uncommon to hear the sound of a robin or a few sparrows, especially at dawn.  Are they making these sounds because they want to annoy us?  Are they looking to wake us up because they are “in-tune” with our sleep cycles?  Perhaps they are singing their song to greet a new day and to offer us happiness, hope and blessings.  If you wake up on one of these mornings and happen to hear the calling sound of one of these birds or others you might be familiar with, meditate upon their sounds and try to tune-in to their message and what they are trying to tell us.

If we can incorporate the sounds of the natural environment with the sounds of soothing music as it relates to the season, or time of day, we can feel our energies harmonize and flow universally with our environment, regulate our moods, create inspiration, etc. It can and has been done in India, and it is also possible for us to do this if we listen to the music of nature as well.

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