Naturally Treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is very real for some people, those who have experienced traumatic events in their life or very susceptible to getting PTSD. PTSD can happen if one has been involved in an accident – car, plane, etc., being a victim of a crime or abuse, or witnessing a shocking event can all lead to someone developing PTSD. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include being extremely hypersensitive to your environment; any incident or event can trigger a state of anxiety and produce an anxiety attack. Depression is common in those who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the feeling that life is unimportant or their future is hopeless. Flashbacks often occur that are accompanied with frequent thoughts, feelings of the traumatic event. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder not only affects ones’ mental and emotional state but also their physical state. The stomach, heart, and even the brain can be affected by PTSD, which can lead to digestive problems, hypertension or raised blood pressure, and migraine headaches.

All of these symptoms interfere with living a normal everyday life and preventing a person from engaging in normal activities or relationships. Suffering from a traumatic experience can lead to uncontrollable feelings and emotions preventing one from living a normal life. Someone who is suffering from PTSD needs to seek professional treatment to help them overcome this condition. However, there are some natural home treatments that a person can also do to help treat PTSD. There are a number of herbs to effectively treat post traumatic stress disorder and calm the nerves.

They include: Kava kava – Take 500 mg in capsule form of the extract three times day.

The Lotus Embryo – A Chinese herbal extract you can find in Chinese areas of your city. Known as Lian Zi Xin and comes in a powdered form. Take the recommended dosage. Chamomile – Take two 350 mg capsules of the powdered extract three times a day or mix a tablespoon of the chamomile flowers into a cup of tea and drink three times a day. Valerian – You can take 150 mg capsule once or twice a day or split the dosage taking a 400 mg capsule at bedtime.

Another natural treatment for PTSD is to use some flower essences. Flower essences uplift the individual by increasing their energy and enlightening their mood. Similar to the relaxing and elevating way listening to certain types of music has an effect on a person, flower essences do the same thing. You can buy bottles of the flower essences and take two drops of each essence four times a day. The different types of flower essences that can help treat PTSD are: the Star of Bethlehem, which helps reduce the memory of the traumatic event and soothes your emotions. Honeysuckle, which helps you effectively treat the condition by putting you in control of your emotions and understanding the event and what you need to do to move on. The next two, clematis and white chestnut can help treat and reduce the incidence of flashbacks. Agrimony can help you open up and discuss your emotions instead of keeping it all inside. The last flower essence to use to help naturally treat PTSD is cherry plum. Sometimes PTSD can result in a person losing control mentally, cherry plum is great for reducing these feelings.

Along with seeking treatment with a professional, these natural herbs can definitely help to treat and relieve symptoms of PTSD.

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