New Genital Warts Treatment – 72 Hour Treatment

There is a new product for genital warts that was developed in the fall of 2010 and is believed to be a breakthrough in HPV genital warts treatment.

It is called Wartamine and can remove your HPV warts in as little as 72 hours. You can see it working in as little as 4 hours as once applied warts covered in the ointment turns white. Then the next day they die and turn black. The following day they just drop off!

I went onto their website and ordered a bottle whcih came the following day in the post. I put some on straight away and can say with a big smile on my face that my wart has turned a grey-like colour. By the end of the third day im very confident my genital wart will have fallen off.

Previously in the past when I had developed genital warts I used the markets number 1 treatment, whcih is Wartrol. But that took 12 weeks to show results. Wartamine treatment works within 3 days! It works better than a doctors prescription drug. Also with prescription drugs you get lots of side effects like blistering and burning. Plus the prescription drugs cost over $350. This new Wartamine treatment is 80%-90% cheaper to buy!

I’m so please this ointment work at speed and don’t have to spend months worrying and waiting for them to disappear. I now know there is a treatment that works 100%.

They also offer a guarantee and discreet postage comes as standard. You can only buy Wartamine straight from the factory too, so you know your not been conned by bogus sellers.

Why spend $400 of your hard earned money while been in pain and feeling like a reject like I did? Try the groundbreaking treatment Wartamine and if you’re not happy with the results send it back to the factory. It’s a no lose situation for yourself!

If you are interested in the Wartamine treatment, why not visitthis NEW treatment website for morew information.

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