Overcome Anxiety Easily: How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Relaxation techniques for anxiety are particularly effective for coping with daily stresses such as dealing with that impossible boss, going for a dental check up or being audited.

Your body has natural reactions when it is faced with stress that manifests in certain physiological reactions such as rapid breathing, elevated blood pressure and a sudden increase in heart rates. Stress in many forms will always exist, but we can learn how to retain greater control of our bodies through training the mind.

Quieting the Mind and Body is the name of one technique that can calm the mind by reducing negative self talk. In times of stress, we all have a tendency to get overwhelmed. This technique calls for focusing on a small object that has meaning to you. It could be something like a favorite piece of jewelry or a photo of a pet or a family member. Focus for 2 minutes. Do not let any other distractions break your concentration. Repeat until you achieve the desired inner peace.

The second method is based in mediation and is called the Grounding Technique. Sit in a comfortable position and imagine yourself as a strong, powerful oak tree. Try to slow your breathing and visualize yourself as the tree with your feet now as roots dug firmly in the earth. Imagine swaying gently with the breeze and reaching towards the sun. Nothing can shake you.

The Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique is a third kind of exercise. Lie on your back and let your arms rest. Breathe slowly. Make fists with your hands and hold the position for fifteen seconds. Then unclench them for thirty seconds. Tense your feet in the same way and then continue with the legs and stomach. This can be repeated if you feel the need.

Another kind of stress reduction is called Tension Release through Color. Assume a comfortable position and close your eyes, imagining that the color blue surrounds you. As you breathe in, imagine the color blue is entering your body from the feet up. Each time you exhale, the color blue will be exhaled from your lungs. Repeat this five times until you achieve the desired calm.

Finally, the last method is called Guided Imagery. This involves visualization again, of pleasant situations and memories such as a favorite vacation in the Caribbean. Concentrate on remembering the reactions of your senses to those enjoyable surroundings. Remember how it felt walking in the sand at the beach. Smell the salt air. Remembering seeing the palm trees and tasting the food. This is an extremely effective mediation technique for developing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a special quality of being totally engaged in the moment without over analyzing or over thinking the situation. It is particularly effective at reducing stress, anxiety and depression. With these techniques, you can achieve a measure of control over body reactions to stressful events in your everyday life.

Relaxation techniques are often used as a way to treat and deal with stress, anxiety and depression. Some of the most effective ways use no medication and include anxiety relaxation techniques. You can overcome anxiety easily with relaxation and other natural treatments. Visit Easy Relaxation Techniques today.

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