Past Lives Reincarnation – Just A Myth?

The journey of a soul from birth to life then death, and then again birth and it continues, is what past lives reincarnation is all about. Literally, reincarnation means being in the form of flesh yet again. Reincarnation forms the basis of eternal life. It states that a constituent of the living body is born again after it goes through death in the new physical body, this constituent being our immortal soul.

Many people believe that past lives reincarnation is a never ending process. But, there are others who believe that this process, the path of the soul from birth, life, death to again going through the same course is the journey of the soul from darkness to enlightenment. But, the question that would quite often prick us is why is it that our soul needs to go through the process of past lives reincarnation?

There are people who are immensely interested in this subject and have undertaken studies and research on this having found to an extent answer to this lingering question. According to them, the answer is that our soul goes through different sorts of experiences with each lifetime. Each life is a manifestation of it, an expression of creativity. It helps the soul to learn more and proceed towards greater spiritual wisdom.

The basis of this finding is that we will go on through this process of past lives reincarnation until we are able to set our souls free from the delusion that separate us from god. There exists usually, three renowned paths to do that. One of them is the Bhakti yoga which is the path of complete submission or devotion. The other one is Jnana yoga or the path which will help us to gain knowledge and the third one is Karma yoga or the path or service.

Be it Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga or Karma yoga all the three lead to the same destination of unification with God, or in other words achieving the highest spiritual knowledge and attaining everlasting peace and happiness. But, regardless of the path we follow, it is our decisions, our choices and the experiences that we have that describes us and also sets out our limitation. Thus, we stay away from unison with God.

The day we learn to accept what God has given us and start to live on that, we will completely trust Him. This will eventually lead us to the path of self acceptance and thus we will gain peace in our heart. The peace will help us to increase the desire within us to make others happy thus, we will be able to understand to what great capacity our heart can go of loving others and also caring for them So, we will move towards the path of freeing ourselves from past lives reincarnation.

In the writings of sages, prophets and philosophers, from different countries and cultures, we can find reference to past lives reincarnation and the concept behind it. Mostly, the Eastern philosophy speaks about the principle of past lives reincarnation but you can also find many Westerners also believing in it, although majority of them do not have faith in this concept.

Reincarnation is the base on which the ancient Egyptian civilization is standing. Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian of the 5th century says, “The Egyptians propounded the theory that the human soul is imperishable, and that where the body of any one dies it enters into some other creature that may be ready to receive it.” Even Plato the Greek mathematician, writer and philosopher shares his opinion when he says, “Soul is older than body. Souls are continually born over and over again into this life.” Nearly, 75% of the population of Asia are of the belief that past lives reincarnation exist.

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