Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Understand the Causes and the Treatments Available

Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is important because it affects many more people then one may ever imagine. Most people tend to think of men and women who have served in the armed forces when they think of this condition. The thing is though any one can end up with this disorder as all it takes is being a part of or witnesses a traumatic experience. Of course anyone who goes through or sees something extremely terrible happens are going to have a moment in time where they are tying to get past what they experienced. The majority of people are able to deal with their thoughts and feelings and move past it.

There are people though that ends up with a much harder time in coping with what they saw or dealt with. Over time the stress of the tragic event will gradually make things in their personal life worse. The problems that come with post traumatic stress disorder can stay hidden for a while but can and will pop up at some of the most inconvenient moments. These issues can be complete and utter problem in trying to live a healthy and normal life. When the issues creep up and become something that rips apart a life, they are issues that can no longer be ignored.

While it is basically impossible to prevent post traumatic stress disorder from happening it can be controlled with proper treatment. It is when the disorder is left to grow and get out of hand that the situation becomes unbearable. If you or someone you know is a victim of a hate crime, physical or sexual assault, natural disaster, war, or major automobile or plane crash then help should be sought out. It is much better to be proactive with these situations then allowing them to get out of hand.

Noticing the Symptoms

If you are wondering whether or not what you are going through is post traumatic stress disorder then you will want to consider the following risk factors to see how many you can relate to your own life. Many people who suffer from this disorder end up with feelings of hopelessness about the future. They often times end up with relationship problems no matter how hard they try, trouble sleeping, memory problems, trouble concentrating, and end up dealing with self destructive behavior such as drinking too much, taking drugs, or being sexually overactive.

And these are just a few of the symptoms that often appear in those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Some people also end up dealing with flashbacks, shame, visions of things that are not really there or hearing sounds that are actually just in the person’s mind. While not every symptom will be experienced by someone dealing with this disorder, it is important to know that if you are experiencing several of these symptoms that you may very well be suffering from this stress related disorder.


If you feel that you are in fact suffering from this disorder it is time to seek professional help. You would never want to let it go untreated because over time your symptoms could get worse. Talk with your doctor as they can usually prescribe you antidepressants which can help with everything you are experiencing. In some cases the route of medication is all that is needed. In other cases there needs to be a little something more.

Along with antidepressants many people find it helpful to have someone to talk to. Getting to a counselor who you can talk with about your stressful and tragic past may in fact help you overcome the problems you are dealing with. In time and with proper treatment you should be able to lead a normal and healthy life with no outward indication that you suffered anything traumatic in your past.

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