Pure Relaxation: Guided Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit

Pure Relaxation: Guided Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit
Price: $8.95
Pure Relaxation: Guided Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit
Album Description
The guided meditations and music on this CD calm the mind, soothe the emotions and create a state of deep relaxation in the body. The Pure Relaxation CD includes three powerful meditations, ranging from a brief relaxation break to a guided relaxation to let go of tension throughout the entire body. It also includes a selection of 30 minutes of extremely relaxing music. The “Mini-Relaxation Break” can be used anytime throughout the day, at home or at work. “Unwinding” is perfect at the end of the day to relax and be refreshed for the evening. “Total Body Relaxation” systematically dissolves tension throughout the entire body.

These meditations are unique in that they guide the listener to relax effortlessly. The body and mind know how to relax — we just need to give them “permission”. Relaxation is about letting go. To accomplish things throughout the day requires effort and focus. Many guided relaxation CDs require you to focus on doing something — tensing and relaxing muscles, breathing in a certain way, imagining something, etc. This CD is different. It will help you to let go of effort in order to relax completely.
Pure Relaxation: Guided Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit

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5 Responses to Pure Relaxation: Guided Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit

  1. Laura D. says:

    I purchased three similar relaxation CD’s and found this to be the least helpful. The music is the best part and why I gave it two stars. The instructions are strange and feel contrary to creating a state of relaxation. I don’t care for the narrator’s voice, but I would have gotten past that if I thought the words helped at all. I listened once and plan to give it away.

  2. I’ve had this cd for several years and have recommended it to a number of friends and everyone who has gotten it loves it! Track 3 (the body scan), is really useful for aiding deep relaxation and sleep. I have migraines and sometimes (if it’s a small migraine, or at the onset of near the end), I can do this relaxation track and actually relax the migraine away! I’m so glad I have this!

  3. I have been listening to the guided meditations every day and they have helped greatly to reduce my anxiety and related insomnia. I look forward to my time to meditate.

  4. Susan Benson says:

    This CD has helped me to relax. All the cuts are good, but the total relaxation track is amazing! If I use it at night it puts me into a deep sleep, or in the afternoon it lets me unwind so I can enjoy the evening activities. The background music enhances the effect of the pleasant voice and it all adds up to a nice experience.

  5. Dale Z says:

    This CD has worked well for me in many ways. I was looking for a way to relax at the end of the day and the guided meditations and music provided a welcome relief. Especially nice is the progressive relaxation process: “Total Body Relaxation” which always results in my falling into a deep sleep.

    The Mini Relaxation Break is good during the day for a quick refreshing pause to activity.

    I highly recommend this CD, it lives up to the description.

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