Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi

Take a look at this video about meditation: ALBUM Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi – Da New age – Chill Out – Lounge Music Zen Garden [SINGLE] [IMPORT] Kokin Gumi (Artist) $15.99 http

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25 Responses to Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi

  1. tahirmuh says:

    Because chiristianity is not a human invention, and is based on directive,

  2. vicstatricsta says:

    Lovely and relaxing to listen to in the office, I almost forget where I am!

  3. CuteVampy934 says:

    very calm and soothing helps with revising for exams. (and plus i hav a cold) T.T

  4. nickazaf says:

    christianity is rigid….bible say so, they have to do it…..if not, is a sin…..extreme laa…..

  5. bleedblue83 says:

    Why can’t Christianity be more like this.

  6. lilylessons says:

    Want to learn how to relax?

  7. SpYd3rBoY says:

    This is very chilling, I adore this 🙂

  8. JesusFull100sProphes says:

    Amazing Music!

  9. superdream911 says:

    same ere so i can meditate morning and night to prvent me from gettingg stressed and the stress thaat i do get just get washed away and then i meditate after excersising

  10. desiprincess25 says:

    nice, loveing, and peaceful realy good for meditation..jst tried it….xxx loooool

  11. blackprincess82 says:

    nice. I’m going to illegally download some of this shit. Loving it!

  12. houseorchid says:

    very soothing.

  13. empiresvixen says:

    Love this! So relaxing! No matter how stressed I get with business, I come right back to this and puts me in a peaceful state.

  14. mannousha says:

    @tubester358 Download the latest version of RealPlayer – it’s for free – then download the video – then convert from flv to mp3 – it’s all for free.

  15. bongfodder says:

    I’ve never thought of Buddhist meditation as the imposition of a thought process

  16. WinS392 says:

    the picture of the sketchy house near the end burst my trance -_-

  17. tubester358 says:

    Great relaxing music, is there a free audio or something for this?,?

  18. emmayoungie18 says:

    this is peaceful….lovingful and enjoable

  19. czesio2468 says:

    zajebiste kurwa

  20. DaylightNightlightDK says:

    Like it indeed…Hope you´ll find our music very relaxing and helpful too…

    All The Best
    Daylight Nightlight

  21. jokers85 says:

    Try this one: 9kIlYTP2QIU

  22. fiscornioman says:

    There were Buddhist monks that kept meditating even when the fire was surrounding them in their temples.

    Some even were burned and they just consumed themselves without hesitation.

    Thats the true way of Zen.

  23. SciNonymous10 says:

    Wrong again! I want to know and understand. Not for me, because what we believe might be wrong. Maybe yes maybe not. That’s why I wish to know and understand, not basing myself in what people believe.

  24. 155qwerty155 says:

    I have to get headset with longer wire so I can listen this on my bed. Great piece of music.

  25. kesha9900 says:

    a key from depression is only Praying that’s it!- It will help.

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