Relaxation Music May Assist In Decreasing Stress

The next time you are experiencing stress and can’t seem to calm the anxiety you may want to try some relaxation music. Music that more than just sounds soothing or peaceful. There is music specifically designed to help you alter your mood. It is a potent way to reduce stress on a daily basis.

Music is often the background for so many events in life. It can remind you of smells, sounds, tastes, events, emotions and physical states. It could be a first kiss, a first dance, a first date, the moment you met the one, or even a lullaby your mother sang you. You may sing to or play music to your flowers and plants to make them grow better. Music is often significant in life in so many ways.

Music that alters your mood or emotional state more directly is available. The human brain works on several different waves. These waves are each associated with a physical state or state of mind. The body makes these brain waves and introducing the brain waves can affect the body. The delta wave is connected to deep sleep. The theta wave is connected to the first stage of sleeping, imagination, visualization and daydreaming. Alpha waves are produced when a person is totally relaxed but full of alertness. The beta waves are connected to the normal waking state, eyes open.

To help with stress the brain needs to be in the alpha wave state. This is purposefully produced when someone wants to enter meditation. Those who master it are able to create this state at will. Until such time, which can take many years of practice, you can use music to help induce it.

Brainwave entrainment is used to synchronize the brain to an introduced wave. In this way a desired state can be created whenever it is needed. All brainwaves have a frequency of their own. Delta frequency is below 5 Hz (hertz) and theta frequency is 4 to 6 Hz. The alpha frequency is 8 to 14 Hz and beta is 14 to 30 Hz.

The human ear can hear frequencies from 20-20,000 hertz. In order to affect the brain so that it will sync with a desired frequency binaural beats are employed. There is music that uses binaural beats to help the brain achieve the alpha frequency. Stereo headphones are placed on the ears and one frequency will play in one ear. Another frequency a little higher the other ear. The difference in the frequencies is perceived as beats in the brain.

The frequency difference in each ear must be less than 30 hertz. If it is higher the ears will hear two separate tones and the brain will not perceive the desired beats. If 350 hertz is played in one ear and 360 hertz is played in the other ear, that would produce a beat of 10 hertz. This would correspond to the desired alpha wave and produce a deep relaxing state.

This is true relaxation music. You choose the music and the state you wish. It does not produce a superficial sense of being relaxed but a very real response. Another way to produce this with music is through isochronic tones. These work without the headphones and are tones that are played in a timed on/off pattern. It is your choice as to which will alleviate your stress.

Are you plain stressed out or just filled with panic and anxiety? Relaxation music can bring back the peace and tranquility. Get the ultimate inside skinny on top notch music for relaxation now!

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