Creating a Relaxing Meditation Environment

A quiet room is really all you need in order to meditate. However, a few enhancements can make the room more inviting and improve your ability to relax. Try these ideas for creating a truly relaxing meditation room.

Once you have a space in your home that you have established as your meditation room, you can start setting the mood. First of all, the room should be clutter free so it looks very relaxing. Make sure your room has enough space for comfortable seating arrangements. This could be a chair, cushion, mat or bench. Another popular choice are meditation chairs. They enable you to keep your back straight and prevent you from slumping during meditation.

Another thing you can have in your meditation room is one or two small tables. These can hold candles, incense or a CD player. These tables are also useful for holding photos or prints. Images of nature such as the ocean, rainforest, mountains or clouds are very relaxing for many people.

You should also consider the lighting in the room so you create a suitable environment. Try installing a dimmer on your light switch or lamp. Candles placed throughout the room are another good option. Scented candles especially can add a lot to the atmosphere. But if you already have incense burning, stick with unscented candles or you’ll have too many competing aromas.

Your music player can be used to play either soft music or sounds of nature. Some people enjoy the sound of whistling trees while others prefer the music of running water. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect relaxing sounds that don’t distract you.

Some people find that scented candles and incense are too overwhelming. Flowers are a great alternative, however. Find a minimalist vase and fill it with flowers from the florist or cut some fresh ones from your own garden. For many, having flowers in the room provides a real sense of relaxation.

If you travel regularly, you can continue your routine by taking your meditation gear with you. Buy an inflatable cushion and some travel candles and pack them in your luggage. Keep your background music stored on your portable music player and you’ll be able to perform your meditation techniques anywhere.

With the right atmosphere, you’ll have no problem relaxing and clearing your mind so that you can face the world once again.

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