Remembering Our Past Lives

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind some strange experiences that you have had in your life? The reasons behind you being uncannily attracted towards a distant place or a specific culture, or maybe a profound emotional impact, moments of fleeting feelings towards a historic event, unexplained fears or perception regarding someone or something? What if one tells you that all this is related to our past lives?

Our past lives are like the old, worn out pages of a book, the previous chapters of a long lost past which are not remembered but are the background of the current pages we are reading today. The basis of who we are, what we are and the reasons behind the way we are, is something that is intertwined and has its roots in our past lives.

Our previous births on the Earth’s surface is what our past lives are indicating to. The metrical process of reincarnation is passing through the different cycles of life, then dying and then again rebirth – the experience and conveying the same of our immortal soul, its attainment of elevated spiritual wisdom with each birth and then ultimately ending the process once it has reached the final levels of spiritual wisdom, attaining perpetual peace and happiness, and becoming free forever.

Hinduism, which has at its core in reincarnation, and around which all its beliefs are developed is a religion which is being practiced since ages and by numerous civilizations. As per their beliefs, the life we lead in our past lives decides the type of life we will have today, the luck that will decide our fate, our perceptions, fears and also emotions.

According to Hinduism, the cycle of birth and death is known as samsara and our deeds and behaviours in our past lives is our karma. If our karma has been good, we reap the benefits in our next birth where we face favourable situations having a pleasant life and vice versa. Our souls are stuck in this repeated manifestation of samsara and ‘maya’, or the illusion that this is the true life or existence, stuck with the attachment to earthly desires.

The more you realize the ultimate truth that your soul is immortal and that the life you see yourself in, is not everything but just ‘maya’, you learn to detach yourself from materialistic earthly things, taking up meditation towards freeing your soul from this bondage of samsara and attaining eternal peace and happiness. The more you inculcate these, the more you progress towards the ultimate spiritual wisdom and with every rebirth, your spiritual awakening grows till the time you attain ‘moksha’.

PLRT, or Past Life Regression Technique is something that is able to link us to our past lives, where we remember and know what we were, what we have gone through and how we have behaved in our past lives. Undertaken in a psychotherapeutic setting, it is a powerful emotional journey which gives you answers to most of your current life’s problems.

Hypnotic induction is a method which uses a sequence of suggestions and questions and helps to take your mind to such a condition where your subconscious mind tries to remember the memories of our past lives and all the tangential stimuli are put to rest. It is an expedition of self growth and awareness that gets you to know your roots, the real you and you know the answers behind your current emotions- fear, attractions etc. as well as helps to bring out your inner talent and realize it completely.

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