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Meditation used to be considered extremely esoteric, done only by yogis in India, by Buddhist monks or hippies. Over the years meditation has gone mainstream. Scientific studies have proven that it is very beneficial to health. With the rise of the Internet, access to information about meditation is available to anyone at the click of a mouse. Anyone can use online meditation audio downloads, video downloads, e-books and other tutorials and easily learn about meditation and its benefits. This article will discuss the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of guided meditation.

Using Guided Meditation

It is always easier, when you are beginning something for the first time, to have someone to guide you along the way. It is the same for meditation. Guided meditation is used by both beginners and experienced meditators alike. In guided meditation, you are lead through the stages of a meditative session through breath work, visualizations and conscious relaxation of your body.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Science has proven that meditation works and works well on the human body. As a meditation session begins, you may feel anxious, rushed, overwhelmed, bored or any other feeling. Very quickly after beginning to meditate you will notice that you are relaxing and tension is fading away. Part of the reason for this is that your body is making less of the stress hormones lactate and cortisol. As you relax more, your heart rate and breathing will slow and your blood pressure will decrease. You will notice clearer thoughts, more energy and a calmness after you have meditated. As meditation becomes part of your regular routine, you may notice that your cholesterol levels have dropped and your arthritis, asthma or other chronic illness may be bothering you much less than before you started meditating.

Following meditation, your mind will be clearer and more focused. In addition, your energy level will show improvement. When meditative practice is incorporated into a regular routine, the positive results are cumulative. You will see a drop in cholesterol and your chronic diseases may be less bothersome. These are all very good reasons to include meditation into your daily routine.

Now we know that the body and emotions are connected. But, for simplicity, we will talk about meditation’s benefits separately. As you read about the emotional benefits, keep in mind that the physical and emotional are connected to one another.

When stress hormones are low and a person is in an alert, relaxed state of mind, learning takes place more quickly and is more likely to be remembered at a later date. In addition, the ability to reason and think clearly also improve, as does the level of creativity a person has. Typically anxiety and depression are reduced and replaced with a calm and energetic feeling. When meditation is regularly practiced, the positive effects are compounded.

The Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

In this article, the word “spiritual” is used to refer to the experience of well-being, wholeness, connectedness and unconditional love and does not refer to any particular religious practice or belief.

Each day a person takes the time to meditate, his or her ability to understand what is going on inside of him or herself improves. As time passes, a sense of connection with all beings, a oneness and a clearer understanding of life’s purpose will develop. This will probably not happen on the first meditation experience, but you will see changes if you keep up your practice.

You can begin progressing towards those positive states in just moments when you use a guided online meditation. Meditation is a proven, worthwhile activity whose results will carry over into your life after the session is over.

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