Secrets Of Manifesting

The meaning of the term manifesting is to make something perceivable by the senses. At least that is what the dictionaries tell us. In simpler words it means materializing things or makings something happen in reality.

Thus manifesting your dreams would mean making your dreams come true in reality which can be perceived through the senses. Now that we know and understand the literary meaning of the term, we can delve into the depths of it in our context.

In manifesting your desires, the primary steps are those of unlearning and relearning. You need to first unlearn what you have been made to believe since childhood and then relearn about certain truths which were never taught. Our parents and teachers have always told us that one’s aims in life or dreams can only come true with the correct opportunities, luck and of course hard work. But did anybody ever told you about the infinite powers your mind has. That you could manifest any of your desires by the sheer power of your thoughts and the focusing your positive energy in that direction? Yet the answer is no.

Everyone has this power in their minds but it is something that they do not exercise since their minds have been trained to belief in the fact that manifesting dreams is solely dependant on chance. That you can make your dreams come true only by hard work, struggle and a dash of luck. But the truth is that dreams get manifested by the power of your thoughts and the driving force of your positive energy.

Everything in the universe is energy. If you seek the explanation of the ultimate truth or the origin of the universe, whichever path you choose be it science or spirituality, ultimately you will come to the concept of energy. Energy can be present either as a wavelength or in a particle form. In case of energy in a particle form, it is perceivable with your five senses. You can see and touch it. But in case of energy in the wavelength form, it is free flowing and has full potential with all possibilities attached to it.

In case of manifesting, if one focuses all his attention on a particular thing and directs all his energies on it, it will manifest itself in the way the person desires.

Manifesting your dreams, desires and wants into reality requires three steps. That is, your attention, energy and time is needed for making the wavelength, amplitude and frequency of the energy to manifest itself. Firstly, focus on the thing that you want, directing all your thoughts on it and asking it from the universe. In this way you shall reach the wavelength of the energy. The second and the most important part is to connect to the amplitude of the energy. Amplitude refers to the amount of energy present in the wave. In order to do this you need to actually visualize yourself in attaining the object of your want and charge this image with your own energy.

Remember, more than 50% of the word attraction is action, hence in attracting the object of your will for manifestation; spending time for repeated action towards it is required. Get rid off all the negative energy by avoiding negative thoughts and experience the power of positive energy with the power of faith. The power of your thought and the positive energy radiating from you due to your attention, belief and faith will lead your desire to manifest itself in reality.

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