See How Hypnosis Techniques Help Change Habits

There are countless different hypnosis techniques and they are used for a variety of reasons. Stage hypnosis is probably the most familiar but there is also hypnotherapy which you can use to treat various problems. Most disorders with an emotional or habitual aspect can be helped with hypnotherapy including smoking, drug use, phobias, depression and weight loss. The process can change your behavior without much effort on your part except to follow the instructions of the therapist.

When many people think of hypnosis they imagine the picture of someone dangling a watch or necklace in front of the subject and commanding them to feel sleepy. This is the oldest technique and has been used for over one hundred years. Modern techniques do not tend to use the visual stimulus in this way. There are now over one hundred different techniques used in hypnosis.

Due to the use of hypnosis in entertainment there are several myths which are still popular. People believe that hypnosis can make them do anything but this is not true. It is impossible to make a subject do something they do not want to do. Stage hypnosis is an act and people go along with it because they are being watched by an audience. Hypnosis does not make the person enter a trance or a sleep, they are always aware of what is happening and what they are doing. The hypnotic state is where the subject is relaxed and can concentrate on one thing intensely.

It is thought that the hypnotic state allows the therapist to access the subconscious mind. The analytical parts of the brain are bypassed or disabled, allowing the right brain functions such as instinct to dominate. This means that the patient becomes more open to suggestion and the therapist can plant ideas, triggers or suggestions in the mind which will be activated later. This is why hypnotherapy achieves good results with emotional problems and habits.

In order to get their patient to the required state hypnotherapists use a process called induction. Each therapist has their own methods and uses different ones according to the personality type of the patient. The methods usually include two core features; breathing and muscular relaxation. The therapist asks the patient to slow their breathing and make their breaths even. This causes a change in the brain rhythm. Once the breathing is deep and even the patient is asked to concentrate on different sets of muscles and relax them. This furthers the relaxation and enables the patient to focus, which is important for the next steps.

Most hypnotherapists will suggest that a subject will need several sessions to achieve their aims. This is because the practitioner and subject need to get used to each other. Also the subject needs to become used to the process and the state needed to achieve the changes. Once this is done the suggestions need to be made a few times to achieve lasting change.

It is also possible to try self hypnosis. Some therapists teach their patients the techniques so that they can practice and reinforce the work done in sessions. However you can buy CDs made by hypnotherapists who go through an induction so that you can achieve the state at home and use it to change your habits.

If you have a habit or problem and you want help to change hypnotherapy could be the solution. You can either learn self hypnosis techniques or see a therapist.

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