Specific Chakra Exercises for Balance plus Well being

In as much as exercise is good for the overall well-being of your body, so too does a person\’s chakras gain from exercises that will develop and improve them. In executing the following chakra exercises, keep in mind that the main aim is always to enhance your chakra\’s health and balance, and in so doing boost your overall health and balance also.

Prior to conducting the actual exercises, it\’s always best if you quiet the mind, breathing deeply and steadily. Once relaxed, now you can start warming up. Once you are fully warmed up, you can now proceed with the chakra exercises.

Root Chakra

* Lie flat on your back and flex your legs. Shift your legs towards the right, and also turn your head in the opposite direction. Keep the position for several counts and then repeat it on your other side.

* Still lying flat on your back, place your arms along your sides, bend and raise your knees in the direction of your head, along with your head off the floor and lifted towards the ceiling. Hold this position for three counts, then repeat two times.

* Stand up and spread your legs until you are squatting. Just be sure you stay balanced, with your feet flat on the floor. Keep this position for several counts.

* Resume lying on the floor. Relax.

Sacral Chakra

* Repeat actions one and two of the root chakra exercise. Straighten your legs, keep the position for three counts, and repeat two times.

* Stand up and extend your arms to your side on a 30 angle. Softly lift one foot up from the ground until it is level with your other knee. Keep on holding the position for several counts, and repeat with your other leg.

* Resume lying on the floor. Relax.

Naval Chakra

* Repeat step one of the root chakra exercise. Move onto your stomach, raise one arm and its other leg off the floor. Maintain, and repeat with your other side. Repeat twice.

* Standing straight,breath deeply and pay attention to your naval area. Let out your breath sharply, pushing all of the air out from your lungs. Do this two times.

* Resume resting on the floor. Relax.

Be sure you enjoy a minute of silence in between your chakra exercises in order for you to profit fully from the progress you have made in the course of your work.

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