Spiritual Regression – What Benefits Will You Get?

If you get some time out for yourself in day to day hectic schedule and spend some time with your own mind instead, you will find that it harbors many a questions which crop up now and then. Most of these questions are fundamental ones, very basic in nature to your life, to your sheer existence, the answers to which can only be provided by the journey called Spiritual Regression.

The elemental questions that rise in our mind about who we really are or the purpose of our life have struck us time and again. The various experiences, struggles and the understandings since our childhood mainly help us grow to what we really are or become in a lifetime. Beyond this the truth about our existence is very vague to the normal human thought process. Certain tools related to spiritual regression namely Past Life Regression or even Life between life regressions help us in finding out this truth about ourselves.

Past life regression is one of the primary ways to look beyond the present and travel on the magnificent and unique path known as spiritual regression. Ancient philosophical theories and the modern day theosophical doctrines share the same fact that our souls are immortal and that they just pass over from one physical form to another through different lifetimes. Past life regression thus helps us to follow this path backwards from one birth to another and helps us know about the different experiences during such previous births of ours.

This kind of Spiritual regression is done with the help of the method of hypnotic induction. Contrary to popular belief, which thinks being hypnotized means being unconscious, the fact is that hypnosis takes the mind to a heightened focus where all surrounding stimuli ceases to exists and the mind can focus only on recollecting memories and information about its past births buried deep into its subconscious. Hypnotic induction is attaining this state with a series of questions and suggestions to steer the mind in the correct direction.

Thus, in such a session of hypnotic induction the individual is asked specific questions about the various intricacies of his previous life like about his previous home, his locality, the kind of attire he wore, language he spoke, etc. A session of such magnitude which does not follow the barriers of life or death is really a unique experience and it helps to enlighten the individual about the purpose of his existence and who he or she really is.

Moreover, he understands a lot about himself now, the reasons behind his inherent fears or attractions towards specific aspects. Such Spiritual regression session also lets the subject know the purpose of his existence on Earth, his realizes his true potential and what he is able to do unleashing his pent up creativity within. A spiritual regression is thus a journey like no other and is the best session of personal awareness and development one can undertake.

Spiritual regression also encompasses the Life between life regressions which are short spiritual journeys that one undertakes to experience another dimension of life within his present lifetime. For example, practicing advanced meditation and achieving astral projection, wherein one’s subtle inner self, his astral body is separated from his physical one and is projected to higher astral planes or a different level of consciousness from where he can watch himself and the world from a distance, is a profoundly spiritual experience and a form of life between life regression.

Apart from astral projection, other such spiritual regression sessions would include lucid dreaming, where one passes to the realms of dreams with a completely wakeful mind and thereafter consciously dreams. In a therapeutic life between life spiritual regression session, instead of journeying to one’s past lives, advanced hypnotic induction is used to make the subject have new experiences and attain another level of consciousness altogether.

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