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Understanding The Body Chakras

According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, the body chakras are seven energy centers in human body located in its subtle within and in a vertical straight line starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Scientifically, the body chakras are linked to the major nerve ganglia from the spinal cord and thus these are energy receiving and transmitting life force energy centers of an individual which reflects the level of consciousness, archetypal elements, and developmental stages of man and is the sole cause for his physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state and condition. Continue reading

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The 7 Chakra And You

The 7 chakras refer to the seven force centers in the human body located in a vertical straight line correlating with the major nerve ganglia originating from the spinal cord. Located within the subtle body of man, these points are energy whorls where reception and transmission of energies takes place. Since Chakra means wheels and hails from the ancient Sanskrit word Chakram, these energy wheels can be said to be the reflector of one’s physical health, as well the psychological and spiritual condition of a person. Continue reading

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Understanding The Chakra System

The human body consists of seven major chakras and many less-important small ones. The chakras are centers of energy, points of flow of energy and behave like energy joint in the body. Every aspect of our emotional, bodily, spiritual life and mental life is possible because of the energetic operations in these chakras. Each of the seven major chakras corresponds to a unique aspect of our being and has its own character. Continue reading

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