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The Story of the Laughing Buddha

Who is that smiling, cherubic Buddha? Is he really a Buddha at all? A favorite symbol of Asian culture even to this day, the Laughing Buddha is really a 10th century monk who roamed China nearly a thousand years ago. His name was Ho Tai (Hotei) and he as thought to be a saintly, an enlightened being and possible a Bodisattva, or one who has attained enlightement as a Buddha. Continue reading

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The Best Beginners Meditation Techniques to Eliminate Anxiety

Learning how to meditate involves a process of graduated steps much like learning to ride a bike when you were a kid. It is through these steps that you move from training wheels to riding the actual bike with ease. What is important is that through the use of graduated steps is that it gives you confirmation that you are going about it correctly. The method or style you choose or what’s considered the best meditation techniques for learning to meditate can greatly differ between individuals. That is why there are such a multitude of styles to learn meditation. Continue reading

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