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Five Awesome People To Have Been In A Past Life

Everybody’s talking about who they were in a past life these days, and it’s always royalty, but let’s be honest, how many of us could possibly have been Cleopatra or Julius Cesar? Don’t you think that at least a few of us were poor janitors in Louisiana in the 1930s? We can’t all have been royalty, but here are five historical figures we wish we were the reincarnation of… Continue reading

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In Past Life – Past Life Regression Therapy And What It Is All About

What are the basics of Past Life Regression Therapy? Well you are wise to ask because it is not that well known. In actual fact it is a profound belief of reincarnation. Many people share this view but few look into reincarnation in any depth. Now after much research and the development of some amazing technology, a person who believes in having lived past lives may have human to human experiences and travel back through time via their minds to places they believe they may have trodden before in past life. This personal historical journey back into varies lives may appear to be very complicated but in fact, it it would seem to be a very simple procedure you can be guided through with ease. Continue reading

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How To Find Out If You Are A Reincarnation

Many people have the sneaking suspicion that they have lived before. This is known as reincarnation and is a major principle of several religions. It entails the soul leaving a body when the body dies. The soul then comes back, either immediately or at a later time in the body of a baby to live again. This can happen dozens of times, though there is no definite proof it can happen at all–except for people’s gut feelings about it. Continue reading

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