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A True Understanding Of Your Past Lives

Have you ever felt insanely attracted towards some strange customs or rituals practiced in a different country by different kinds of people who are absolutely in no way connected to you? Or may be a particular war movie or an incident from history profoundly impacts you, makes you cry your heart out but you don’t know why. Instead of locking up such experiences as one of ‘those strange things in life which cannot be explained’, you can consider prodding your past lives for the answers. Continue reading

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In Past Life – Past Life Regression Therapy And What It Is All About

What are the basics of Past Life Regression Therapy? Well you are wise to ask because it is not that well known. In actual fact it is a profound belief of reincarnation. Many people share this view but few look into reincarnation in any depth. Now after much research and the development of some amazing technology, a person who believes in having lived past lives may have human to human experiences and travel back through time via their minds to places they believe they may have trodden before in past life. This personal historical journey back into varies lives may appear to be very complicated but in fact, it it would seem to be a very simple procedure you can be guided through with ease. Continue reading

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From Past Life To Now

From Past Life to here in a place solidified by the fragment of the past meeting up with the present. Everyone has a moment when they must consider the possibilities of having lived a previous life. This may be identified in a moment when something new takes on an aged feeling. Inviting this moment to teach you should be celebrated, the opportunities it presents might prove to be life changing. Continue reading

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Reincarnation Lends Something To Consider

Reincarnation lends something to think about when trying to understand the amount of influence one might have over their next life. The literal meaning of reincarnation is “to be made of flesh again”. The concept suggests that the flesh is left behind while the soul is recycled forward into a new existence. The new life experience requires the personality of the soul to reinvent itself. Continue reading

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Children And Past Life Regression Therapy

Children that experience past life regression will benefit from therapy as it helps them manage the unusual emotions and memories they experience. Parents are oftentimes not equipped to help their children through these experiences. Therapy is common for kids with this condition. And the children come to realize that they are not strange but instead have a unique and very special ability. Continue reading

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