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Eczema Causes and Effective Treatment Cream

True enough, infants and young children are generally affected by eczema or atopic dermatitis. It is characterized by the swelling, itching, and scaling of the skin. Eczema in babies may be hard to manage because they cannot control scratching due to stubborn itching. It affects any parts of the body including the forehead, cheeks, scalp, the creases of the elbows, knees, plus the wrists. The exact cause of the skin condition is still unknown. However, there are factors that can cause the presence of the disorder. It is not infectious but people believe that in run in families with history of asthma and allergies. Continue reading

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Underlying Causes Of Dry Eye Syndrome

Keratoconjunctvitis sicca is commonly known to lay people as dry eye syndrome. This is a condition where either not enough tears are produced by the tear ducts or the tears that are produced are of an inferior quality. High quality tears are essential for lubrication and to protect from infection or inflammation. There are several underlying causes that may be linked to experiencing the condition. Continue reading

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