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What kind of meditation retreat, and how long should it be, to de-stress from an extremely intense job?

Tweet I have meditated before but I need more depth over a sustained period of time. I’m seeing a psychologist for stress and resulting depression, and he is very supportive of a meditation retreat. He recommends 3-5 days, not the … Continue reading

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What Buddhist meditation should I start out with?

Tweet I want to start Buddhist meditation. Should I start out with mindfulness meditation? What are the exact steps in doing it?

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Guided Meditation Cd ? Is Listening To Them Safe? Should You Waste Your Money On Them?

Tweet With all the guided meditation CD products on the market today you might think that they are a sure fire way to revolutionizing your life, right? Well, yes and no… Are you confused? Let me explain: The benefits … Continue reading

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What scripture should I meditate to improve singing and reduce nervousness?

Tweet I recently joined the choir at church. I am a good singer for the choir, but have always wanted to lead a song or sing a solo. I don’t know if my talent is strong enough and I get … Continue reading

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