Taking Measures to Recall Events of A Past Life

Almost all cultures of the word from Japanese to Australian and African to Aborigines believe in reincarnation. Whether it’s a Wiccan or a Hindu, every religion believes that all of us have lived in the past as different people and that past life has made us what we are today.

What you are now and who you believed you are now is an influence of your past life including your health, your mental well being, and your social interactions are all influenced by your past life. This is why it is important to know yourself, who you are and what you are in the past, to be able to make yourself better and stronger in this current life.

Past Life Regression – What are the indications of your past life? It is not easy to determine how and what the past life was but some of the simple indications are disturbing dreams that keep on visiting you in your sleep that you never was aware if it happened to you. OR when you recall from memory some of the things that happened in your life but you can not explain if when it happened. This may have been you in your past life indicated by the following circumstances:

* A strong love or attraction to some culture that you were not exposed to and that makes no sense in your current life. If you love Mesopotamian art, for instance, you may have a past life from that region in the era you find interesting. Learn more about the art that interests you; if it all comes from a distinct and relatively small time period, that’s a pretty good indication that there’s something there.

* Abnormally strong emotions about some incident in history – if, for instance, you tear up when you look at Washington Crossing the Delaware but not at any other revolutionary art, you may have been involved in that incident in a past life.

* You might be experiencing different allergies or problems that were not previously present or detected or you might have some psychological or physical problems that you cannot explain which might be linked to your past life.

These are just some of the ways you can glean information about your past life however this is not a confirmation of any sort. A further investigation into things that attract you without any plausible cause and such similarities may give you a hint about the many aspects of your past life.

It is possible to access your past life or lives with self-hypnosis or by being hypnotized by someone else. There are specialists past life regression therapists who are well worth a visit to. A past life regression is a form of deep hypnotic remembering that can get to those memories of past lives that subconsciously are there.

When you made decision regarding this, go for the process that gives you a deep relaxation method. This is the first technique that you should get before the therapist proceed to the past life regression.

The safety aspect has no cause of concern. Past life regression is more like watching a movie or looking back in time. You will feel the emotions but not as intensely. You may also feel the shadows and the feelings associated.

Pleasant memories will make you smile while bad memories may give you a tough time like in a nightmare. In such cases you end up waking like in bad dream. However it’s important to experience these bad memories to completely understand and exorcise the past.

All you really need to do is to remember your past life and just move on. The suppression of the past life memories is the cause of all the problems. Once there is an acceptance and understanding about all the experiences in your past life you can move on and understand the present life with a fresh perspective.

Good karma has a great part in the life of people. And because you had a good life in the past, it is believed that you will also have good karma in your current life. But it is your responsibility to keep your soul as good as you can possibly be in order for your good karma to follow you in your current life. But once you change yourself from good to bad, your karma will also turn into bad karma until you realized it and go back to being good.

However, there is often confusion by people over this interpretation. We are not destined to be bad or deserve to suffer because of a past life. With each new life we are literally born anew and it is our own choice to do the things you do. Once you realize that a certain memory is from a previous life, and you are not a ‘bad’ person now, then you can go on to have a ‘good’ life in the present.

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