The 10 Deadly Signs of Stress

I am so stressed!” How many times have you heard someone saying those dreaded words in the past month?

I mean sure, some will tell you it’s impossible not to be stressed out in today’s breakneck world as juggling work, family, friends, the bills and your hobbies can seem daunting at times.

Stress can be quite dangerous. It tires you out. It affects your mood, and how you treat others. It saps away your zest for life. And it even hurts your immune system.

In fact, doctors claim that 80% of all serious illnesses are stress related!

So the question is, do you think you should start worrying about your stress level?

According to the Health and Wellness Institute, here are the top 10 stress-related signs that you should look out for:

1. Severe mood swings and anxiety

2. The feeling of tenseness or agitation most of the time

3. Body aches and pains that can’t be explained

4. A constant feeling of fatigue or insomnia

5. Poor personal hygiene or health practices

6. Unexplainable lost of or gaining of weight

7. A dip in job performance or constantly changing jobs

8. Withdrawal from friends or family

9. Avoiding and neglecting responsibilities

10. High blood pressure, heart palpitations, chest pains, grinding or clenching teeth

So how many of the above did you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to and what can you do to start healing yourself from this sickness that we call “stress”?

Truth is, stress is a part and parcel of life. We cannot get rid of it completely, but we sure can reduce it! And if you think that alcohol, cigarettes or drugs can help you eliminate stress, then you are sadly mistaken. They may offer you temporary relief but  these bad habits can actually make the problem worse!

So what are some of the ways to reduce our stress level? Exercise is a more popular choice. A popular trend among professionals nowadays is going to the gym before going to work. A massage is one way to reduce stress, along with taking long walks or even a mini weekend escapade.

But one of the best ways to overcome life’s daily challenges is something that has been practiced for centuries, and that is meditation. Just a few minutes a day, twice a day in the morning and nights and soon you can see your wellness and health improve drastically. The best part is, you can do it in your own home and enjoy the quiet state of mind – your very own escape from the world!

One of the best options there is to begin meditating is by using the Silva Method. Over the decades, meditation has proved to de-stress and improve lives!

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