The Hidden Treasures Of Chakra Energy

Very few people acknowledge the presence of an internal energy reservoir in our bodies that is responsible for our physical and mental well-being. This lack of knowledge is more prevalent in the Western world, as the concept of spiritual energy was more prevalent and adhered to in the eastern countries, like India.

Most commonly, this is known as Chakra Energy, or the energy generated by the seven primary energy centers in the body. These energy centers are situated from the base of spine upwards to the head. A brief description of location of seven Chakras wont be out of place:

* Root or the Base Chakra (RED) located at the base of the spine, known as the coccyx.

* Spleen Chakra (ORANGE) located in the lower abdomen region, just below the navel.

* Solar Plexus Chakra (YELLOW) located in the stomach area.

* Heart Chakra (GREEN) situated in the center of the chest.

* Throat Chakra (BLUE) located in the throat region.

* Third Eye Chakra (INDIGO) located in between the eyes.

* Crown Chakra (VIOLET) located on top of the head.

Though invisible, these Chakras constantly and continuously rotate in the bodies at their stated positions. This movement is responsible for the production of energy, called Chakra Energy.

If their movement is not in sync, the health physical or mental is bound to suffer.

So, what exactly is Chakra Energy and how it influences our physical and mental well being? The Chakra System in our body is primarily responsible for the smooth functioning of every organ. As every bodily organ is connected with the brain through a complex web of nerves, the Chakras rotate to provide the necessary energy for all the nerves and organs so that they perform their natural functions in an unhindered manner. They not only rotate, but also the movement of their rotation is so synchronized that they complement each other in a unique way.

If the movement is in sync, the Chakras will produce sufficient energy to ensure physical and mental well being. However, if the movement is not in sync, the energy so produced will not be sufficient and itll invariably result in some body ailment.

The other important thing to know about Chakra Energy is the difficulty level in your quest to attain Chakra balance. Indeed, its not easy to bring about a radical shift in Chakra movement overnight. However, if you persist and show extreme determination to attain that magical Chakra balance, believe me, its a life-changing experience. The process is called Chakra Meditation, and is performed by sitting or lying down in a most natural posture. The next step is to relax every body part and feel every cell and organ of the body starting from the toe. This means a lot of visualization, and in the process, lots of distractions in the form of negative emotions. But the key is to persevere and eventually, you will conquer every hurdle in your way and transform into the most evolved being known to mankind.

Now, if thats so simple, why dont many people just give it a go and get rid of all the ailments from their lives? This is because our over-reliance on science to bring quick-fix changes in our body system. The scientific advancements have made humans too much dependent on technology. Resultantly, we have forgotten to live healthily naturally.

The best part of Chakra Energy is that it is always within your control. You just need a firm determination to balance the Chakra movements and in the process, ensure a healthy and contented existence, both in the physical as well as spiritual realm.

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