The Joys Of A Cosmic Order!

By any chance have you heard about this newest fad – Cosmic Ordering? Everyone seems to want to make their own cosmic order but do you wonder what this is all about?

Many people have heard of ‘the law of attraction’ and ‘the secret’ but a cosmic order is much more specific and you get exactly what you want.

If you could have the desires of your heart, what would you order into your life today? Is it your wish to be in perfect health, is it wealth and material items you wish or do you want a perfect mate? All of these things are free for the taking by asking for them when you employ the cosmic ordering system.

According to numerous celebrity endorsements and a multitude of individuals, it does work for them. Even so, what is it that occurs while placing your cosmic order? In addition, how is it that for some it does not work?

The process is simple and yet many fail to reap the rewards that they want. There are several reasons for this. One is that they still have the old belief system that there is not enough to go around for everyone.

There is abundance everywhere and yet some never find it no matter how hard they search. They believe that another’s success takes away from them because there’s only a limited supply. They become envious and angry with others that seem to have it all.

This belief will actually block the rewards that they desire. This then signals the brain once again that there will never be enough for them to have anything. The Universe is signaled, while consequently fulfilling this prophecy by such brain activity.

Another reason that many are not successful deals with holding on to a belief that there is not enough for them to share in the success. They may get excited for others; however, they hold no such belief for their own success. For instance, you may overhear someone buying a lottery ticket say, ‘I never win anything.’ This helps them not to become so disappointed, since they hold a belief that some higher power will fulfill their desire for success by acknowledging their own current lack.

This will never work, since you can make your cosmic order and determine your destiny by making a simple phrase to accompany the cosmic order.

third reason that many don’t get what they want is that they truly don’t believe they deserve it. The belief that it is wrong to desire a better life, the belief that they have no value or the belief that they aren’t special enough to be able to order anything they want blocks them from the marvels of what can happen when you make a cosmic order.

When you find that, you are lacking in your beliefs you must do some serious reprogramming. You must begin to acknowledge that you are special and essential as an individual, while removing your old system of beliefs. Remember, we are all equal and none is better than the other is.

Every creature that walks the Earth has a divine right to happiness, wealth and health. It is yours for the taking. You must, however believe that no matter what happened in the past you deserve it.

This may all sound funny to you but it really is not hard if you know how. This concept truly works and there is scientific proof for this. Quantum physics can be used to uncover the logic that is around this so called secret, that man has not been able to figure out for a long time.

There are many ways that you can help yourself to a making sure that a cosmic order is successful. First a positive attitude is essential. You should also try meditation and self-hypnosis and making affirmations.

There have also recently been developments in sound technology which allow you to simply listen to special sound frequencies known as binaural tones and your brainwaves instantly change to the state required for you to communicate with the universe. The technology allows you to clear out the old faster so you see the results at a more rapid pace.

At one time, only true believers of a religious sect or mystics were those who used the cosmic order system. However, today, everyone can take advantage of all these possibilities. You can achieve your desires while uniting science and the wisdom of the ancients.

Find out more about Cosmic Ordering here.

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