The Law Of Abundance – A Brief Introduction

Do you already follow the law of abundance? Are you healthy? Are you wealthy? Do you have relationships with others? In short if you answered yes to all three questions then there is a good chance that you are following the law of abundance.

It something that many of us cannot or think we will not be able to follow the law of abundance. The secret is first we need to be wealthy. When I say wealthy I am not talking Donald Trump wealthy I am talking wealthy as in I am satisfied with what I earn or have in the bank and I have or have enough money to buy the things I really need or want in life. Do you really need 10 Ferrari’s? Probably not it’s just a show of excess wealth.

The law of abundance says we need to be wealthy. Does that mean we have to be stinking rich? Almost certainly not but being stinking rich or poor will not stop you either. When we talk wealth we are talking about someone who manages their money well no matter how little or much they have. They only get with it what they really need or want in life.

In the law of abundance how much money you have is not the key issue it is how you spend it or live on it. Having a big bank balance does not qualify you in any way automatically. Wealth is only part of it and how it goes with the rest of your life is more important. Being wealthy and not looking after your healthy by going out every night getting drunk and east fast food everyday will not ever bring you an abundant life.

Like the saying goes, “If you don’t have your health then you have nothing.” Unless you ever become ill you never appreciate this saying. Same goes for the law of abundance if you never follow its laws you will never know how great it feels to always feel abundant in life. In this case ignorance certainly is not bliss.

Another thing you need is relationships to help you follow the law of abundance. How and how much you interact with can people affect this. Forming good and wise relationships with family, loved ones, work colleagues, unions etc will create its own happiness for you.

You also need relationships in life to follow the law of abundance. How many times has going out with friends when you’re healthy and wealthy made you feel abundant because you have had a really good night it. Sharing success with family makes you feel good about yourself. Having a loving relationship when you’re healthy and wealthy makes you feel on top of the world.

By sticking to the law of abundance many celebrities found all they had to make were a few small changes like change the way they react with fans, work colleagues, loved ones, family and what sort of friends they had. The same could be said of just a lot of ordinary folk in life. You just have to open your eyes to see what you really need or don’t need in life to get abundance in your life.

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