The Lucid Dream Explained

A rare dream phenomenon in which you are aware that you are dreaming and have full control over what you see, do and experience is what is known as the lucid dream. In simple words, it refers to the ability of making only your body rest while keeping your mind awake and focused during dreaming.

The lucid dream is one experience which everyone is interested in. The very fact that you can control you dreams and do whatever you want, knowing fully well that nothing can come against you after waking up is an addictive feeling by itself. Hence, a lot of effort is given towards inducing the lucid dream.

The lucid dream can either be dream initiated or wake initiated. A dream initiated lucid dream or DILD is comparatively more common in occurrence which involves the dreamer to gain awareness that he is dreaming after he has fallen asleep. That is, if you are dreaming and in between you suddenly realize that you are dreaming, it would be an example of a DILD.

A WILD or a wake initiated lucid dream on the other hand is when the dreamer passes from the realm of consciousness to that of the dreams being completely conscious and in a wakeful state of mind. Thus, in this case, only the body of the person falls asleep while the mind remains alert and focused. WILD is very rare and full dream control can be achieved here which is highly difficult to develop and is accompanied by a lot of intense vibrations, loud noises, shivering and tingling sensations.

In case of inducing the lucid dream condition, mention must be made of dream recall. This refers to the ability to remember dreams so that even if you go through a lucid dreaming phase, you must be able to remember them after you wake up. Maintaining a dream journal or making the use of a tape recorder are good ways to facilitate dream recall.

The lucid dream can be induced with the help of technology like Binaural Beats. This involves hearing two different sound vibrations through each ear which in turn go on to fuse into each other in the brain to create the mental condition or state required to bring on the lucidity.

If you repeatedly tell your sub conscious to notice a particular object in your dream, then whenever that object features in your dream, your sub conscious mind will register it and let you know thereby providing you the knowledge that you are dreaming. Known as MILD, it is another technique to induce the lucid dream state.

It must be said that the primary objective of the lucid dream is to let the body rest and keep the mind wakeful so that you can be aware that you are dreaming. In other words, you need to practice control during the hypnagogy stage, which is the border between sleeping and waking up. Techniques like chanting, counting your breaths, visualizing ascending a high flight of stairs and counting the stairs as you go on, are some tools which would help to successfully pass the hypnagogic stage, without your mind falling asleep, so that you can embark on an unforgettable journey of the lucid dream.

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