The Out of Body Experience For Those Starting Out

Astral projection is a thrilling and consciousness expanding experience. If you have ever had a dream you were flying you have had a sample of what it feels like.

Astral projection happens both naturally and with deliberate intention. When you fall asleep at night you automatically are having out of body experiences. The more aware you are of your ability to travel astrally, the more you will remember it. As well, the more you can request and gain from it.

The other way to do astral travel is deliberately through mind development, awareness and exercise. It takes a Yogi years of meditation, intention and discipline to travel astrally. But today there are audios designed to synchronize hemispheres of the brain to bring on the brain wave state suitable for astral projection.

I have had the experience of astral projection without asking to do it. I was living in my mother’s house, the same house she passed away in four months earlier. One Sunday morning as I lay in that really pleasant half sleeping state my consciousness lifted out of my body and floated into the hallway outside my bedroom.

There walked my mother alive and healthy busily going about her tasks of the day. I looked straight at her but she did not notice me.

When I recognized her I was shocked, zinging my consciousness right back into my head.

Many people have much more clear, controlled astral projections than I. One of them was my ex husband. He recalls feeling like he was floating suddenly above his body in his bedroom, drifting towards the ceiling.

This astral body suddenly floated completely out of the building into the dark night. He was pulled from his home to a location where a car on a deserted road appeared to be out of control. As he watched, the car crashed, beheading the driver. He learned the next day at work one of his co-workers was beheaded in a car crash on that same road.

The basic formula for deliberate astral projection for beginners is to first develop an awareness of what it is. It would be helpful to read as many books on the subject as possible. Robert Monroe is a leader in this field and has written many books on this subject.

The next step is to state the desire to do astral projection. To help this process along, start keeping a journal on the results of your astral projection experiences. The act of opening a dialogue with your subconscious mind will synchronize your consciousness to it allowing this to happen.

If you keep training your mind to slow down, pay attention by keeping records and learning as much as you can about the process, soon you will be having lucid out of body experiences both deliberately and when you sleep.

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