The Power Of Abundance Affirmations

Abundance is essentially the basis of a person’s well-being. This is something that is not controlled by any external factor. Abundance is something that happens on a personal level and transcends anything material. This is the kind of hope with which we live our lives each day. Our attention level is described by how we channel the energy of abundance that is in the universe. In order to harness the power of that energy, we use abundance affirmations.

This is the hope that allows us to continue on with our lives, a purpose by which we explain our existence. The difficulties and darkness of this world does not affect our abundance even though they potentially hide it for a while. Our abundance is how our faith is affirmed. It assures us that there is goodness in our lives despite all the hardships of the world.

Abundance is a way that life assures us that it is good and that those bad circumstances are just what they are, circumstances. Abundance is everywhere and yet we cannot find it because we stop ourselves. We do not want to welcome the fact that life gives us the whole thing. We want the kind of abundance that benefits our behaviors and our emotions. Abundance is present in all creation and we look for abundance in love, power, money, health, and happiness.

We are slaved in our own myriad desires of selfish pursuits and disregard the flow of abundance in life. Also, our minds are clogged with age-old beliefs and values that restrict us from absorbing the abundance provided by the universe. Social parameters, is yet another vital factor in our inhibitions of truly acknowledging abundance. Governments across the globe primarily thrive on capitalist outlook – large supply meeting large demands, people need to be in debt for government to create a mass production of consumable supply of goods and services. They cash in on the poor health, and struggles of their citizens. Citizens can choose to accept these limits and inhibit the abundance, or they can welcome abundance in their lives with an open mindset. The more we choose to attract information about our abundance, the more we will receive.

“Seek and you shall find” is what The Bible preaches, and the law of attraction is based on the preaching – the more you seek, the more information you will attract and your life will be a wealth of abundance.

When we create a power of affirmation in our abundance, then we are focusing on the positive application of the knowledge received. By conditioning our minds to initiate a positive action, a positive reaction will automatically follow. Activating a positive recovery plan for yourself will generate positive affirmations that will see you through; even in the face of irony.

The strength of abundance affirmation is a way for us to build our knowledge. When we set our minds to think positively, we will generate positive outcomes. We should focus our energy towards a life that shows abundance.

The approach to abundance affirmation is to achieve a balance between physical well-being, financial well-being, spiritual well-being and relationship well-being. Eating healthy, managing your financial resources through intelligent investments, spending quality time with yourself, by being one with the universe or God and spending quality time with friends and family. Sustainable success will result when compassion, love, care and understanding for self and other fellow beings is attained.

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