The Power Of Ayurveda As Healing Music

Since the ancient Vedic period, Ayurveda has been practiced in India as a system of traditional healing. This system is still practiced in South Asia as a form of substitute medicine where it is has enormous influence. This system of traditional medicine has evolved throughout its existence and is now accepted in the West as an alternative system of medicine.

In the western world, the ayurveda music is known as a form of complementary and alternative medicine. Recently, some of its systems and methods have gained popularity. In order to harmonize traditional and contemporary medical therapies, herbs, massages, and yoga exercises have been used. Occasionally they are even employed exclusively as a complete form of CAM treatment.

Sushruta, has been practicing ayurveda music, describes perfect health as a state where all of one’s constitution are in perfect balance, whose appetite is excellent, whose tissue layers function normally, whose excretory systems, and whose self, senses, and mind remain full of bliss. As the philosophy of Ayurveda states, everything in our world has a unique personal vibration. Every animate and inanimate matter has this exclusive personal vibration, different from all the matter. Only when there is an unobstructed and free flow of this energy within a person is that individual in good health. When this flow of energy is in turmoil, illness within an individual takes place.

In today’s world with the polluted environment, poor eating habits, bad lifestyle choices, and high stress occupations it would be extremely difficult to find an individual with a harmonious and free flow of energy within. The minds and bodies of most people today are in a state of imbalance because of this situation. To restore the balance of free energy flow and re-establishing a state of health are the two most imperative factors that Ayurveda strives to bring in.

This healing system has several methods that we can use to restore the body back to its original state of health. Meditation and yoga are relaxation techniques that can restore balance. A cleansing technique can be used solely or together with other methods. When herbal tonics are used, the whole plant is used up which is vital to the method because natural vibrations of the plant will restore balance without overfilling the body.

So we can say that ayurveda music is an effective technique to restore harmony to the body’s energy flow, and in turn, induces a balance of health, happiness, and beauty. As a vibration, melody has the ability to affect the vibrations in the body. Ayurveda healing melody has been used as part of the Ayurveda holistic natural healing which happens to be 5000 years old.

Ayurvedic medicine believes that the pituitary gland in the brain is stimulated by the right music. Although the size of the pituitary gland is that of a pea, it releases powerful hormones and regulates homeostasis. Ayurvedic medicine uses ragas or Raga to create the melodies of healing music. The tones of the Raga are different than the tones in western scales. The former has shaper and flatter tones. The Raga is an Indian mode of music that is defined as “that which colors the mind”. This melody has spiritual connections which western music does not. Ragas are believed to have positive effects on a lot of ailments including pain, insomnia, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and even aging. It has been confirmed that Ayurvedic music helps to control hypertension and liver function.

Ayurveda uses music to create vibrations in the cells of the body. In a positive manner, the consciousness of the person is altered by these vibrations thereby restoring lost health. Music has been recognized to boost efficiency and concentration in times of prolonged periods of work. The suitable kinds of music can soothe, refresh, and induce a relaxed mood.

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